Becc mac Dé

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Díarmait mac Cerbaill

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Onomastic details
Given name: Irish:Becc • Irish:Bec
d. 550s
Role > Occupation
» prophet
Role > Status

» character in Irish literature » Status: literary character
Becc mac Dé (d. 550s)
» best known from literary sources as an Irish prophet associated with Díarmait mac Cerbaill
Also known as: Becc mac Dead

Texts ascribed to and/or (possibly) authored by ‘Becc mac Dé’, insofar as these have been indexed by selgā. See the entries for more details and further references.
[Cétbriathra Bic meic Dé], verse beg. ‘Ailech cen gíall, Temair hi tráig’
» Ascribed author(s): Becc mac Dé » Form: verse » Categories: Early Irish poetry
Short description:
An Irish poem about the downfall of Ireland. The prose introduction explains it as a poem about the end of the world, representing the first words uttered by the prophet Becc mac Dé after his birth.

[In mac ndíaid a athar a nArd Mauchai], verse beg. ‘In mac ndíaid a athar a nArd Mauchai’
» In English: “The son succeeding his father in Armagh” » Initial words (prose): ‘Is mairg thairgeubhai a hairisne a luc tíri na n-Gáidhel’ » Ascribed author(s): Becc mac Dé » Form: verse » Categories: Early Irish poetry
[Olc bith aromthá], verse beg. ‘Olc bith aromthá’ , part of or cited in: Aided Diarmata meic Cerbaill I, Independent
» In English: “An evil world is at hand” » Ascribed author(s): Becc mac Dé » Form: verse » Categories: Early Irish poetry
Short description:
A verse prophecy attributed to the seer Becc mac Dé on evil things to come

» In English: “The violent death of Díarmait mac Cerbaill” » Form: prose » Categories: Cycles of the Kings » Type: aided
Short description:
A composite Middle Irish tale about the reign and (threefold) death of Díarmait mac Cerbaill, king of Ireland. A common theme is the king’s violation of ecclesiastical sanctuary or protection.


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Zumbuhl, Mark, “Becc mac Dé and the Irish traditions of prophecy”, unpublished M.Phil. diss.: University of Glasgow, 2000.

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