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This category covers standalone characters or coherent sets of characters, which do not require another component in order to have meaning. Note that Category:Components, which covers the building stones for such characters, includes both full characters and non-character constituents (such as superscript symbols).


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Image Name Represents Device Unicode MUFI
2 (Arabic numeral) 2 dá ii duo
3num-23O48f2rb8.png 3 (Arabic numeral) 3 iii trí tres
4-RIA-23O48af29ra.png 4 (Arabic numeral) 4 cethair ceithri iv quarto
x50px 5 (Arabic numeral) 5 cúig v quinque
7 (Arabic numeral) 7 secht seacht vii septem
A1(23P2f81r)2.png A (majuscule) A
Art-Dii1f3vb.png Ar (majuscule) Ar AR Quia Quod Baseline symbol
De-ligature-23P12f158ra.png De (ligature majuscule) De Ligature
De-ligature-allo.png [[De (ligature with allograph e)|]]
A12p37-dicitur.png [[Dicitur (dr digraph)|]]
LUp61b-eper.png [[Eper (digraph)|]]
IN-LUp5a.png IN (digraph) IN In I n
Is23P12f20r.png Is (I through S) IS Is Ligature
x50px [[L (minuscule)|]]
x50px M (majuscule) M
x50px N (majuscule) N
x50px S (short) S
Uí.png Uí (.h.) Uí hUí Baseline symbol
A-variant.png a (allograph) a Allograph
x50px open allograph of a a Allograph U+0061 U+F202
A-23E29fI159b.png a (extended shaft) a Allograph
x50px a (pointed, triangular) a
A-rounded.png a (rounded) a Allograph
Asubopen-23E29p162b.png a (subscript open) a Allograph
A-subscript.png a (subscript) a
A-with-susp-stroke.png a with suspension stroke an ach a() Superscript symbol
Ac-FrancA12.png ac (ligature) ac Ligature
Ae-RawlB502-f72vb.png Digraph of a and e ae Digraph
x50px ae (ligature allograph) ae ae□ Ligature
Ae.png Ligature of a and e ae Ligature
Aer-RawlB502f62r.png aer (trigraph) aer Digraph
Air.png air (symbol ar with superscript i) air Superscript letter Baseline symbol
am (m stroke) am Superscript symbol
amh (m stroke and punctum delens) amh Superscript symbol
ann (suspension strokes) ann Superscript symbol
x50px ao (ligature) ao Ligature
Ar-23P12f232v.png ar (allograph open) ar quia quam qu() Subscript symbol Allograph
x50px ar (q with stroke through descender) ar quia quam quod qu() Baseline symbol
Are-ligature.png are (ligature of ar and e) are que(?) Ligature
x50px arr (double stroke) arr Subscript symbol
Arus-23E29p112.png arus (digraph) arus Digraph
autem (Insular) autem immurgu immorro Superscript symbol U+EA83
x50px b (regular) b
x50px b with cross stroke ben bene Baseline symbol
Ber-b-Dv2af12vb.png b with suspension stroke ber bar b() Superscript symbol
Bre-23E29p158b.png bre, ber (ligature) bre ber Ligature
x50px c (regular) c U+0063
c with m stroke cum c()m Superscript symbol
c with suspension stroke c() Superscript symbol
x50px cath, kalendae (.k.) cath kalendae Baseline symbol
Cc (digraph).png Digraph cc = g cc g Digraph U+0063
Cer.png cer (vertical tilde) cer Superscript symbol
Cet-23E29p158a.png cet (.c.) cet cét céad Baseline symbol
Ch-spiritus.png ch (spiritus asper) ch Superscript symbol
Colonandupwardcurve-RawlB512f2ra.png colon with upward curve (positura) (marks end of section) Baseline symbol Punctuation
Con-reversed-c.png con (reversed c) con U+2184
conn (reversed c with stroke) conn con() Superscript symbol Baseline symbol
Cra-RawlB502f62rb.png cra (superscript a) cra Superscript letter
x50px cri (c with superscript i) cri Superscript letter
Cru.png cru (c with superscript u) cru Superscript symbol
Dh breve ponc.png d with breve dh Superscript symbol
D-RawlB512-f31vb.png d (loop) d Allograph
x50px d (regular) d U+A77A U+EEE4
x50px d (straight ascender) d Allograph
G1303p17-nd.png d with suspension stroke nd d() ()d Superscript symbol
Dru-Dv2a13r.png d with u (superscript v) dur dru Superscript letter
x50px de (ligature) de Ligature
Dec-RawlB512f31vb.png dec (trigraph with ligatured e allograph) dec Digraph
x50px di (ligature) di ti dio tio Ligature
Dis-RawlB512-f33ra.png dis (ligature) dis tis dios tios Ligature
Do.png do (digraph) do Digraph
Dr.png dr (digraph) dr Digraph
x50px dur (superscript wavy) dur Superscript symbol
x50px Allograph of the letter e e e□ Allograph
x50px e (regular letter) e
Ea-2.png ea (digraph) ea Digraph
Ea-ligature-2.png ea (ligature of allograph e and subscript a) ea Ligature
x50px ea (ligature) ea Ligature
Ec digraph Laud610f146r.png ec (digraph) ec Digraph
Ech digraph Laud610f146r.png ech (digraph with spiritus asper) ech Superscript symbol Digraph
G1303p17-ed.png ed (digraph) ed Digraph
Eg-RawlB512-f33rb.png eg (digraph) eg Digraph
x50px ei (digraph) ei Digraph
Eir-23E29f160a.png eir (subscript ir) eir Digraph
Eius-LUp11b.png eius (inverted e) eius
Enim-RawlB512-f32va.png enim (Tironian note) enim
Eo-23P12f249v.png eo (digraph) eo Digraph
Ep-RawlB512f31rb.png ep (digraph) ep Digraph
Er-RawlB506f1va.png er (digraph) er Er Digraph
Est.png est (symbol 1) est aist U+223B
x50px et (digraph) et & Digraph
Ocusf-23E29p112.png et and f (ligature) ocus f etf et f Ligature
x50px et and r (ligature) etr ocus r et r Ligature
Eter-1.png eter (ligature) eter Superscript symbol Ligature
Eth (et and spiritus).png eth (Tironian et with spiritus asper) eth eadh Superscript symbol Baseline symbol
eth, eadh (Tironian et with punctum delens) eth eadh Superscript symbol Baseline symbol
x50px f (regular) f
f with suspension stroke f() for féin Superscript symbol
Fer.png fer (vertical tilde) fer Superscript symbol
Fri.png fri (rounded superscript i) fri Superscript letter
Gh breve ponc.png g with breve gh Superscript symbol
g (stroke and punctum) gach Superscript symbol
g with superscript o gro gor ergo Superscript letter
g with suspension stroke gn gan g() Superscript symbol
Gach-23O48f18vb.png gach (superscript c) gach Superscript letter
x50px gearr (vertical tildes) gearr gerr Superscript symbol
Gg-RawlB512-f32vb.png gg (digraph) gg Digraph
Gra-RawlB502f62r.png gra (superscript a) gra Superscript letter
x50px h (regular) h
He-23E29p159a.png he (ligature) he Ligature
x50px hi (subscript i) hi Subscript letter
Hoc-LUp6b.png hoc (h with abbreviating punctus) hoc Superscript symbol
Hoc2-23O48af26r.png hoc (h with superscript o) hoc Superscript letter
x50px i (regular letter) i
I-with-acute-23E29p83.png i with acute diacritic (disambiguation) i Superscript symbol
i with m stroke im Superscript symbol
I-with-susp-stroke.png i with suspension stroke in i() ingen Superscript symbol
x50px iS (vertical S through I) IS Is Ligature
Idest.png Latin id est, Irish ed ón ed ón eadh on id est Baseline symbol
Ingen-RawlB506f11vb.png ingen (.i.) ingen ingin inghean
Irsub-23E29p159b.png ir (cross stroke) ir Subscript letter Subscript symbol
x50px k (regular) ca cath c k ka
Lstroke-Dv2af12v.png l with suspension stroke l() Superscript symbol
M-RIA3B23p33.png m (allograph) m Allograph
x50px m (regular) m
M-vertical-23E29p159b.png m (vertical) m Allograph
M-with-susp-stroke.png m with suspension stroke mar m() ()m Superscript symbol
Mcformac-23E29p110a.png mac (m with superscript c) mac maic meic Superscript letter
Mar-mair-23O48f2rb23.jpg mar, mair (sinuous suspension stroke) mar mair Superscript symbol
Mur (Murceartach).png mur (superscript rotunda) mur Superscript symbol
míle (.m.) míle m() Baseline symbol
x50px n (regular) n
N-with-stroke-Dii1f124ra.png n with suspension stroke nn n() ()n() Superscript symbol
x50px na (digraph) na Digraph
Ni-RawlB512-f33rb.png ni (digraph) ni Digraph
G1303p17-ni.png ni (subscript curled) ni Subscript letter
o (open allograph) o Allograph
x50px o (regular letter) o
Om-LL113b.png o with m stroke om Superscript symbol
Ocusfor-23E29p112.png ocus for (ligature) ocus for et for Superscript symbol Ligature
Ocus.png Irish ocus, Latin et, etc. (Tironian note) ocus agus et ead U+204A
Oe-RawlB512-f33va.png oe (ligature with allograph e) oe Ligature
Om-RIA3B23p33.png om (superscript allograph) om Superscript letter
Or.png or (o + rotunda) or Digraph
P2a.png p (regular) p
p with suspension stroke p() Superscript symbol
Per-LUp5a.png per (p with cross stroke) per par por Baseline symbol
Phi-LLp274.png phi (critical sign) (marks out verse)
Post-LUp5.png post (superscript t) post Superscript letter
Pr-digraph.png pr (digraph) pr Digraph
x50px pro (p with tail) pro
Punctuscurve-RawlB512-f31vb.png punctus and stroke (positura) (marks end of section) Baseline symbol Punctuation
Q-LUp6a.png q (allograph open) Allograph
x50px q (regular) cu cú q
x50px quam (q with wavy cross stroke) quam Baseline symbol
x50px que (digraph) ce que Digraph
Quo-23P2f88r.png quo (q with superscript o) quo Superscript letter
x50px quod (q with curved stroke) ar quod Baseline symbol
Ri(g)-RawlB488f12ra.png r (.r.) rí ríg r() Baseline symbol
Rosc-r-min-LUp81b.png .r. (marginal) rosc(?) (marks out verse) (marks out special text form) Baseline symbol Critical sign
Rosc-r-maj-LLp113b.png .R. majuscule (marginal) rosc(?) (marks out verse) (marks out special text form) Baseline symbol Critical sign
x50px r (regular) r U+0072
R (rotunda).png r (rotunda) r Allograph
R-with-susp-stroke.png r with suspension stroke r() ()r Superscript symbol
Re-circle-RawlB512f12vb.png re (ligature with long e) re re□ Ligature
Re-23E29p159b.png re (ligature with short e) re Ligature
Reg-RawlinsonB512-f20v.png reg (ligature) reg Digraph
Ren-RawlB512f12vb.png ren (trigraph) ren Digraph
Rr1.png rr (ligature) rr Ligature
Rr-rotunda.png rr (rotunda) rr Digraph
x50px s (insular) s U+03AF U+017F
Acht (insular s).png s (insular) with suspension stroke acht cht sed s() ()s() Superscript symbol
S-long-2.png s (long) s Allograph
x50px s insular with cross stroke ser s()r s() secund() Subscript symbol
Si2.png si (digraph) si Digraph
x50px sin (suspension stroke) sin Superscript symbol Digraph
Sr.png sr (digraph) sr Digraph
x50px digraph of long s and insular s ss Digraph
Sus-RawlB512-f31va.png sus (digraph with long s) sus sas sed acht set Digraph
x50px t (regular) t U+0074
Tar-3B23p44b.png t with suspension stroke (wavy) tar tir ter irt Superscript symbol
Ta-RawlB512-f32ra.png ta (long headstroke) ta Digraph
x50px th (spiritus asper) th Superscript symbol
Ti-.png Digraph for ti ti Digraph
To digraph.png to (digraph) to Digraph
Tra2-23P12f249r.png tra (superscript a rounded) tra Superscript letter
x50px tra (superscript a) tra Superscript letter
Tre-23P12f250r.png tre (superscript e) tre Superscript symbol
TriRennes.png tri (rounded superscript i) tri tir Superscript letter
Tru-23P12f249r.png tru (t with superscript u) tru tur Superscript symbol
Tur-9-23P12f170vb.png tur (ur superscript hook) tur Superscript symbol
Tur-tru-23P12f195va.png tur, tru (u superscript rounded) tur tru Superscript letter
23O48(a)f26r(u briste)2.png u (broken) u Allograph
x50px u (regular letter) u
x50px u (rounded allograph) u v Allograph
U-v-shaped.png u (v-shaped) u v Allograph
Ua-NLIG11p258.png ua (u wavy and subscript a) ua Superscript symbol Digraph
Ui2.png ui (digraph vi) ui Digraph
Ui3.png ui (i with superscript u) ui Superscript symbol Digraph
G1303p17-uir.png uir (ur with superscript i) uir Superscript letter Baseline symbol


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