Echtra Airt meic Cuind ocus tochmarc Delbchaíme ingine Morgáin

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Echtra Airt meic Cuind ocus tochmarc Delbchaíme ingine Morgáin / (Redirected from Echtra Airt meic Cuind ocus Tochmarc Delbchaíme ingine Morgáin)

Echtra Airt meic Cuind ⁊ tochmarc Delbchaíme ingine Morgáin
‘The adventure of Art mac Cuinn and the wooing of Delbcháem ingen Morgáin’

Initial words

Prose: Feacht n-æn da roibhe Cond Cetchathach mac Feidlimigh Rechtmair ...



Early Modern Irish » Early Modern Irish (Bergin)

Textual relationships

The title Echtra Airt meic Cuind occurs in the version B of the medieval Irish tale lists, attesting to an earlier version of the tale than that which survives today.

Echtra Airt meic Cuind ocus tochmarc Delbchaíme ingine Morgáin


Cycles of the Kings
 Cycles of the Kings

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 Art mac Cuinn  Delbcháem ingen Morgáin

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[ed.] [tr.] Best, Richard Irvine (ed. and tr.), “The adventures of Art son of Conn, and the courtship of Delbchaem”, Ériu 3 (1907): 149–173.
Internet Archive: <link>, <link>
Edition and translation.

Secondary sources

Ó Cathasaigh, Tomás, The heroic biography of Cormac mac Airt, Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1977.

Queried results

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