Murphy, G., Early Irish lyrics: eighth to twelfth century (1956)

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Murphy 1956a

Murphy, Gerard (ed. and tr.), Early Irish lyrics: eighth to twelfth century, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1956.

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Contributor(s) Murphy (Gerard)
Work Early Irish lyrics: eighth to twelfth century
Place Oxford
Publisher Clarendon Press
Year 1956

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Contributor(s) Title Page(s)
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: The scholar and his cat 2–3, 172
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: The Lord of Creation 4–5, 174
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: The scribe in the woods 4–5, 172–173
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: The bell 4–5, 173
Murphy (Gerard)
Daniél ua Líathaiti: Sell not Heaven for sin 6–9, 175–177
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: The blackbird by Belfast Loch 6–7, 174
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: The blackbird calling from the willow 6–7, 174–175
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: King and hermit 10–19, 177–178
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: A hermit song 18–23, 178–180
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: God be with me 22–27, 180–183
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Jesus and Saint Íte 26–29, 183–184
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Manchán's wish 28–31, 184–185
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: All things to all men 32–33, 185–186
Murphy (Gerard)
Mugrón: Christ's cross 32–35, 186–187
Murphy (Gerard)
Airbertach mac Cosse Dobráin: I invoke Thee, God 35–37, 187–188
Murphy (Gerard)
Óengus céile Dé: Prayer for forgiveness 36–39, 188–189
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: On the flightiness of thought 38–43, 189–190
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Be thou my vision 42–45, 190–191
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Evening hymn 44–47, 191
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Invocation of the Blessed Virgin Mary 46–51, 192–193
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: I am Eve 50–53, 193–194
Murphy (Gerard)
Māel Īsu [Úa Brolchán]: Invocation of the Holy Spirit 52–53, 194–196
Murphy (Gerard)
Máel Ísu Úa Brolchán: Deus Meus 52–55, 196–197
Murphy (Gerard)
Máel Ísu [Úa Brolchán]: Lord, guard me 54–59, 197–198
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: My mind's desire 58–61, 199–200
Murphy (Gerard)
[Máel Ísu Úa Brolchán]: Beloved Lord, pity me 58–59, 198–199
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Prayer for tears 62–65, 200–201
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: A blue eye will look back 64–65, 201–202
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Praise God 64–65, 201
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: An exile’s dream 66–69, 202–204
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: The three best-beloved places 68–69, 204–205
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Derry 68–69, 205
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: My hand is weary with writing 70–71, 206
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: The lament of the old woman of Beare 74–83, 206–208
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Líadan tells of her love for Cuirithir 82–85, 208–211
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: The lament of Créide, daughter of Gúaire of Aidne, for Dínertach, son of Gúaire of the Ui Fidgente 86–89, 211–212
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: On the loss of a pet goose 88–91, 212–215
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Ungenerous payment 90–91, 215
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Manannán, god of the sea, describes his kingdom to Bran and predicts the birth of Mongán 92–101, 216–217
Murphy (Gerard)
Áed Finn: The island protected by a bridge of glass 100–105, 218–220
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Fair lady, will you go with me? 104–107, 220–222
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Lóeg’s description to Cú Chulainn of Labraid’s home in Mag Mell 106–111, 222–223
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: My little oratory 112–113, 223–225
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: The cry of the Garb 112–117, 225–227
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Suibne and Éorann 118–123, 227–228
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Suibne in the woods 122–137, 228–229
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Suibne in the snow 138–141, 229
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Cáel praises Créide’s house 140–147, 229–231
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: Créide’s lament for Cáel 148–151, 231–232
Murphy (Gerard)
Anonymous: The passing of the fíana 152–153, 232–233


Murphy 1956a

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Murphy's English title Irish title / Initial words Pages CELT
Monastic poems, ninth century
The Scholar and his Cat Messe ocus Pangur bán 2
The Scribe in the Woods Dom-fharcai fidbaide fál 4
The Bell Clocán binn 3
The Lord of Creation Adram in Coimdid 4
The Blackbird by Belfast Loch Int én bec 6
The Blackbird Calling from the Willows Int én gaires asin tshail 6
Sell not Heaven for Sin (by Daniel ua Líathaiti) A ben bennacht fort - ná ráid! 6
King and Hermit A Marbáin a díthrubaig 10
A Hermit Song M'óenurán im aireclán 18
God Be with Me Día lim fri cach sním 22
Jesus and Saint Íte Ísucán 26
Monastic poems, tenth and eleventh centuries
Manchán's wish Comad Manchín Léith 28
All Things to all Men (ascribed to Mo Ling) Tan bím eter mo shruithe 32
Christ's Cross (by Mugrón) Cros Chríst tarsin n-gnúis-se 32
I invoke Thee, God (by Airbertach mac Cosse Dobráin) A Dé dúilig atat-teoch 36
Prayer for Forgiveness (by Óengus céile Dé) Isam aithrech febda fecht 36
On the Flightiness of Thought Is mebul dom imrádud 38
Be thou my vision Rop tú mo baile 42
Evening Hymn (ascribed to Saint Patrick) Tórramat do nóebaingil 44
Invocation of the Blessed Virgin Mary (ascribed to Colum Cille) A Maire mín maithingen 46
I am Eve Mé Éba ben Ádaim uill 50
Invocation of the Holy Spirit (by Máel Ísu Úa Brolchán) In Spirut nóeb immun 52
Deus Meus (by Máel Ísu Úa Brolchán) Deus meus adiuva me 52
Lord, Guard me (by Máel Ísu Úa Brolchán) A Choimdiu nom- choimét 54
Beloved Lord, Pity me (by Máel Ísu Úa Brolchán) A Choimdiu baíd 58
My Mind's Desire Ropo mían dom menmain-se 58
Monastic poems, twelfth century
Prayer for Tears Tuc dam a Dé móir 62
Praise God Mo labrad 64
Monastic poems, poems connected with the life of Colum Cille
A Blue Eye Will Look Back Fil súil n-glais 64
An Exile's Dream Robad mellach a meic mo Dé 66
The Three Best-beloved Places Tréide as dile lem fo-rácbus 68
Derry Is aire charaim Doire 68
My Hand is Weary with Writing Is scíth mo chrob ón scríbainn 70
Secular poems, miscellaneous
The Lament of the Old Woman of Beare Aithbe dam-sa bés mora 74
Líadan Tells of Her Love for Cuirithir Cen áinius, see Comrac Líadaine ocus Cuirithir 82
The Lament of Créide, Daughter of Gúaire of Aidne. for Dínertach, Son of Gúaire of the Ui Fidgente It é saigte gona súain 86
On the Loss of a Pet Goose A Mór Maigne Moige Síuil 88 edition
Ungenerous Payment Ro-cúala 90
Secular poems, Otherworld poems
Manannán, God of the Sea, Describes his Kingdom to Bran and Predicts the Birth of Mongán Caíni amra laisin m-Bran 92
The Island Protected by a Bridge of Glass Ráisit d'inis nárbo dermar 100
Fair Lady, Will You Go with Me? A Bé Find in rega lim 104
Lóeg's Description to Cú Chulainn of Labraid's Home in Mag Mell Ránac-sa rem rebrad rán 104
Secular poems, nature poems attributed to Suibne Geilt
My Little Oratory M'airiuclán h-i Túaim Inbir 112
The Cry of the Garb Gáir na Gairbe glaídbinne 112
Suibne and Éorann Súanach sin a Éorann án 118
Suibne in the Woods A bennáin a búiredáin 122
Suibne in the Snow Mor múich i tú-sa in-nocht 138
Secular poems, poems from the Finn Cycle
Cáel Praises Créide's House Turus acam Día h-Aíne 140
Créide's Lament for Cáel Géisid cúan 148
The Passing of the Fíana Forud na Fíann fás in-nocht 152
Description of Winter and Memory of the Past Is úar geimred at-racht gáeth 154
May-day Cétemain cain cucht 156
Summer has Gone Scél lem dúib 160
Gráinne Speaks of Díarmait Fil duine 160
Díarmait's Sleep Cotail becán becán bec 160
Oisín's Parting from Caílte Trúag sin a Chaílte a chara 164
These Hands have been Withered Ro loiscit na láma-sa 166
Once I was Yellow-haired Do bádus-sa úair 168

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