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O'Rahilly, C., Táin bó Cúailnge: Recension I (1976)

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O'Rahilly 1976

O'Rahilly, Cecile [ed. and tr.], Táin bó Cúailnge: Recension I, Dublin: DIAS, 1976.

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Work Táin bó Cúailnge: Recension I
Place Dublin
Publisher DIAS
Year 1976

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O'Rahilly 1976

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Aided CáurAided EtarcomailAided Fir BaíthAided FraíchAided LethainAided LóchaAided Lóich meic Mo FemisAided LóthairAided Nath CrantailAided OrláimAided Redg cáinteAided Tamuin drúithAided con na cerdaAided in togmaili ocus in pheta eóinAided na maccraideAided na macraidiAided na rígamusAided na trí nónborAided trí mac Nechta ScéniAided trí mac nGárachAided Óengussa meic ÓenlámaAided ÚalandAirecor nAradAislinge nAimirginBánchath RochadaBángleó RochadaCaladgleó CethirnCath Eógain meic Derthacht fri ChonchobarComlond Munremair ocus Con RoiComrac Con Culaind fri FindabairComrac Fergusa fri Coin CulaindComrac Fir Diad ocus Con CulaindComrac Lárine meic NóisComrac MaindDinda na TánaFagbáil in tairbFiacalgleó FindtainFormolta Con CulainnImacallaim na Mórígna fri Coin CulaindImroll Belaig EóinIn carpat serda ocus in Breslech Mór Maige MurthemneIn scél iar n-urdIntroduction to the Táin bó CúailngeLingid Fergus darsin n-omnai ina charputMacgnímrada Con CulainnMeillgleó nIliachOrgain ChúalngiRúadrucca MindSirrabad SúaldaimSlicht sain so co aidid nÓrlaimSlánugud na MórrignaTochestol UladTochostul fear nÉrendToichim na mbuidenTáin bó CúailngeTáin bó Cúailnge ITúarascbáil delba Con Culaind


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Táin Bó Cuailnge

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