Ossory, Laois and Leinster

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Ossory, Laois and Leinster

Ossory, Laois and Leinster


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Ossory, Laois and Leinster 5 (2012)

Author Title Page(s)
Verstraten Veach (Freya)
Men’s names among the Uí Mhórdha of Laoighis, c. 1000–c. 1500' 187–211

Ossory, Laois and Leinster 4 (2010)

Author Title Page(s)
Ó Macháin (Pádraig)
Tuileagna Ó Maoil Chonaire and the Book of Pottlerath 244–248

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Ossory, Laois and Leinster.
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