Éber ... king of Spain

In Munster origin legends as represented by Tochmarc Moméra, a king of Spain whose daughter married Éogan Taídlech and became the mother of Ailill Ólomm.
See also: Moméra [alias Bera]Moméra ... alias Bera
Bera ... daughter of the king of Spain
(time-frame ass. with Mug Núadat ... alias Éogan Taídlech, Ailill Ólomm)
in Munster origin legends, a daughter of (Éber) the king of Spain, who became the wife of Mug Núadat (alias Éogan Taídlech) and the mother of Ailill Ólomm. Her name is given as Bera in Cath Maighe Léna and a long recension of Cóir anmann.
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Mug Núadat [alias Éogan Taídlech]Mug Núadat (al. Éogan Taídlech)
Éogan Taídlech, Éogan Fidlech, Mug Núadat
(time-frame ass. with Conn Cétchathach)
legendary king of Munster; father of Ailill Ólomm and grandfather of Éogan Mór; ancestor of the Éoganacht. His main rival in the sources is Conn Cétchathach, with whom he comes to an arrangement: to divide Ireland into a northern half (Leth Cuinn) and a southern half (Leth Moga).
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