verse beg. Éri íarthar talman torthig

  • Late Middle Irish
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  • Early Irish poetry, dinnshenchas
A long poem (121 qq) giving a précis of the Dinnshenchas Érenn and included at the end of the version of that collection in the Book of Uí Maine. The last stanza attributes the poem to Gilla na Náem Úa Duinn and gives the year 1166.
Initial words (verse)
  • Éri íarthar talman torthig
Ascribed to: Gilla na Náem Úa DuinnGilla na Náem Úa Duinn (d. c. 1160) – Irish scholar and poet who was attached to the monastery of Inis Clothrann, now Inchcleraun (Island), in Lough Ree.
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  • Late Middle Irish
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[ed.] Gwynn, E. J., “The Dindshenchas in the Book of Uí Maine”, Ériu 10 (1926–1928): 68–91.
74–91 Edition, with introduction and notes.
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