Ériu 2 (1905), Dublin: School of Irish Learning.

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Ériu, volume 2
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Strachan (John) Addenda and corrigenda to ‘Old-Irish paradigms’ i
Stokes (Whitley) The eulogy of Cúrói (Amra Chonrói) 1–14
Meyer (Kuno) The song of Créde, daughter of Guaire 15–17
Best (R. I.) The tragic death of Cúrói mac Dári 18–35
Bergin (Osborn) The future tense in Modern Irish 36–48
Lloyd (J. H.) The five Munsters 49–54
Meyer (Kuno) The hermit’s song 55–57
Strachan (John) Addenda to Ériu 1, 191 sq. 58–59
Strachan (John) Welsh ry- = Irish ro- of possibility 60–61
Strachan (John) Cormac’s rule 62–68
Lloyd (J. H.) Trácht Fuirbthen 69–76
Hyde (Douglas) An Irish folk-ballad 77–81
Gwynn (E. J.) The priest and the bees 82–83
Meyer (Kuno) Miscellanea: I. Some practices of Irish scribes; II. On a passage in Alfred's 'Orosius'; III. Human sacrifice among the ancient Irish; IV. O ais; V. Irish al = tar and sor 84–88
Byrne (Mary E.) A prayer 89–91
O'Nolan (T. P.) A prayer to the archangels for each day of the week 92–94
Meyer (Kuno) A poem ascribed to Suibne Geilt 95
Stokes (Whitley) The evernew tongue 96–162
Best (R. I.) The graves of the kings at Clonmacnois 163–171
Meyer (Kuno) Duties of a husbandman 172
O'Neill (Joseph) Cath Boinde 173–185
Gwynn (E. J.) The three drinking-horns of Cormac ua Cuinn 186–188
O'Keeffe (J. G.) Cáin Domnaig 189–214
Strachan (John) Further remarks on Welsh ry- 215–220
Bergin (Osborn) A fragment of Old Irish 221–226
Strachan (John) Two monastic rules 227–229
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