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Ériu 35 (1984).

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Ériu, volume 35
Royal Irish Academy
Parts indexed separately
Sproule, David, “Origins of the Éoganachta”, Ériu 35 (1984): 31–37.
Breatnach, Liam, “Addenda and corrigenda to ‘The caldron of poesy’”, Ériu 35 (1984): 189–191.
Bhreathnach, Máire [ed. and tr.], “A new edition of Tochmarc Becfhola”, Ériu 35 (1984): 59–91.
Carey, John, “Scél Tuáin meic Chairill”, Ériu 35 (1984): 93–111.
Celtic Digital Initiative – PDF: <link>
Kortlandt, Frederik, “Old Irish subjunctives and futures and their Proto-Indo-European origins”, Ériu 35 (1984): 179–187.
McCone, Kim, “Aided Cheltchair maic Uthechair: hounds, heroes and hospitallers in early Irish myth and story”, Ériu 35 (1984): 1–30.
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