Ériu 3 (1907), Dublin: School of Irish Learning.

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Ériu, volume 3
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Strachan (John) An Old-Irish homily 1–10
Stokes (Whitley) On two Irish expressions for ‘right hand’ and ‘left hand’ 11–12
Meyer (Kuno) A religious poem 13–15
Lloyd (J. H.) ‘Cnoc Ríre’ 16–17
Thurneysen (Rudolf) On certain initial changes in the Irish verb after preverbal particles 18–19
Strachan (John) On some mutations of initial consonants in the Old Welsh verb 20–28
O'Keeffe (J. G.) A poem on the Day of Judgment 29–33
Stokes (Whitley) Notes on the Evernew tongue 34–35
Hamaltún (Gustamh) Where was Bruiden Dá Derga? 36–41
MacNeill (Eoin) Mocu, maccu 42–49
Bergin (Osborn) Palatalization 50–91
O'Neill (Joseph) The rule of Ailbe of Emly 92–115
Best (R. I.) The canonical hours 116
Anscombe (Alfred) The exordium of the ‘Annales Cambriae’ 117–134
Meyer (Kuno) The expulsion of the Déssi 135–142
O'Keeffe (J. G.) Poem on the observance of Sunday 143–147
Meyer (Kuno) Eve’s lament 148
Best (R. I.) The adventures of Art son of Conn, and the courtship of Delbchaem 149–173
Green (J. R.), Green (Alice Stopford) Irish land in the sixteenth century 174–185
Meyer (Kuno) Colman’s farewell to Colman 186–189
Gwynn (E. J.) Notes 190–193
Ó Máille (Tomás) Crist rocrochad 194–199
Meyer (Kuno) John Strachan 200–206
Bergin (Osborn) Corrigenda et addenda 207
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