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Ó Riain, Pádraig, A dictionary of Irish saints, Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2011.

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A dictionary of Irish saints
Four Courts Press
Scarcely a parish in Ireland is without one or more dedications to saints, in the form of churches in ruins, holy wells or other ecclesiastical monuments. This book is a guide to the (mainly documentary) sources of information on the saints named in these dedications, for those who have an interest in them, scholarly or otherwise. The need for a summary biographical dictionary of Irish saints, containing information on such matters as feastdays, localisations, chronology, and genealogies, although stressed over sixty years ago by the eminent Jesuit and Bollandist scholar, Paul Grosjean, has never before been satisfied. Professor Ó Riain has been working in the field of Irish hagiography for upwards of forty years, and the material for the over 1,000 entries in his Dictionary has come from a variety of sources, including Lives of the saints, martyrologies, genealogies of the saints, shorter tracts on the saints (some of them accessible only in manuscripts), annals, annates, collections of folklore, Ordnance Survey letters, and other documents. Running to almost 700 pages, the body of the Dictionary is preceded by a preface, list of sources and introduction, and is followed by comprehensive indices of parishes, other places (mainly townlands), alternate (mainly anglicised) names, subjects, and feastdays.
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Abbán of MoyarneyAbbán of Moyarney (Adamstown)
(d. 510?)
Abbán of Adamstown
early Irish saint, abbot of Mag Arnaide (Moyarney, now Adamstown, Co. Wexford) and Cell Abbáin (Killabban, Co. Laois)
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Berach of KilbarryBerach of Kilbarry
(fl. late 6th–early 7th century)
Bearach of Kilbarry, Berach mac Amairgin
Irish saint, patron of Clúain Coirpthe (Kilbarry, Co. Roscommon)
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Brigit of KildareBrigit of Kildare
(c. 439/452–c. 524/526)
patron saint of Kildare, whose cult spread both within and outside of Ireland.
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Buite of MonasterboiceBuíte of Monasterboice
(d. 523 AD)
Buíte mac Brónaig
Buíte mac Brónaig (Latin Boetius), early Irish saint and eponymous founder of Mainistir Buite (Monasterboice)
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Ciarán of ClonmacnoiseCiarán (mac int Shaír) of Clonmacnoise
(c. 515–c. 549)
Irish saint, patron of Clúain Moccu Nóis (Clonmacnoise). Feast-day: 9 September.
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Coirpre Crom mac FeradaigCoirpre Crom(m) mac Feradaig
(d. 904)
bishop of Clonmacnoise
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Colmán of KilmacduaghColmán (mac Duach) of Kilmacduagh
patron saint of Cell meic Duach (Kilmacduagh, Co. Galway)
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Cranat of FermoyCranat of Fermoy
patron saint of Cell Cranatan (Kilcranathan, Co. Cork) and of the district of Fir Maige (Fermoy) at large.
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Cróine of GallowCróine of Gallow
No short description available
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Cróine of TemplecroneCróine of Templecrone
Cróine ingen Díarmata of Templecrone
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Crón ingen ErnáinCrón ingen Ernáin
No short description available
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Crón of ArdnehueCrón of Ardnehue
Crón (Cróine) ingen Áeda, of Cell Ingen nÁeda (Ardnehue, par. Killerrig, bar. and Co. Carlow)
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Crónán of ClashmoreCrónán of Clashmore
No short description available
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Crónán of ClondalkinCrónán of Clondalkin
No short description available
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Crónán of RoscreaCrónán (Mo Chua) of Roscrea
Mo Chua of Roscrea
also Mo Chua, patron saint of Ros Cré (Roscrea, Co. North Tipperary)
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Cummíne FotaCummíne Fota
(fl. 7th century)
early Irish saint, patron of Clonfert (Clúain Fertae)
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Cóemgen of GlendaloughCóemgen (var. Cáemgen, Caoimhghin, Caoimhin, Kevin) of Glendalough
(d. c. 618)
Kevin of Glendalough
patron saint of Glenn Dá Locha (Glendalough)
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Daig of InishkeenDaig (mac Cairill) of Inishkeen
(d. 587)
Daig mac Cairill
early Irish saint, patron of Inis Caín Dega (now Inishkeen or Inniskeen, Co. Monaghan)
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Díarmait of KilleshinDíarmait of Killeshin
Díarmait (Diarmuid) of Killeshin, early Irish saint whose church is Glenn Uissen, now Killeshin (Co. Laois). His feast-day is 8 July.
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Dúnchad of ClonmacnoiseDúnchad of Clonmacnoise
(d. 989)
Dúnchad úa Braín
Dúnchad úa Braín (grandson of Braen), saint and abbot/coarb of Clonmacnoise, who is said to have died ‘on pilgrimage’ (AU) in Armagh.
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Farannán of AlternanFarannán of Alternan
(supp. fl. 6th century)
Irish saint associated with Alt Fharannáin (now Alternan, Co. Sligo). In his Irish Life, he is represented as a contemporary of Colum Cille.
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Finnbarr of CorkFinnbarr (Báirre) of Cork
((supp.) fl. 6th century?)
Irish saint, patron of Corcach (Cork)
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Fulartach of DysartFulartach of Dysart
Fulartach mac Bricc, Fulartach of Clonard
Fulartach mac Bricc, patron saint of Dísert Fulartaig, now probably Dysart (Co. Kildare). AFM give Fulartach ‘son of Brecc, the anchorite’ an obit of 755. Ó Riain has suggested that he is ultimately identical with the Fulartach who was bishop at Clonard (d. 779, AU), but also points out that the divergence in their obits and possibly, feastdays is somewhat problematic.
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Fáelán of StrathfillanFáelán of Strathfillan
Fillan of Strathfillan
No short description available
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Féchín of ForeFéchín of Fore
(d. c. 665)
Féchín moccu Cháe, Féichín of Fore, Mo Écca of Fore, Mo Fhéccu of Fore
Fé(i)chín moccu Cháe, patron saint of Fobar (Fore, Co. Westmeath)
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Gobbán SaerGobbán Saer
later Gobán Saor, legendary craftsman / artisan; mentioned e.g. in an early Irish poem ascribed to Suibne Geilt.
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Iarlaithe of TuamIarlaithe of Tuam
(fl. 6th century)
Iarlaithe mac Loga
Iarlaithe mac Loga, patron saint of Tuam (Túaim Dá Gualann) in Connacht.
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Mac Reithe of KilmacrehyMac Reithe of Kilmacrehy
(6th century? (unknown))
Mac Creiche
patron saint of Cell Mac Reithe (Kilmacreehy, Co. Clare) and Cell mac nAingin (Ballynakill, Co. Galway)
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Maol DalaMaol Dala
Máel Dala, Maol Eala
minor Irish saint, described as a son of Inghean Bhaoith of Killinaboy (Co. Clare)
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Mo Laise of KilmolashMo Laise of Kilmolash
patron saint of Cell Mo Laise (Kilmolash, par. Inishlounaght, bar. Iffa and Offa East, Co. Tipperary)
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Olcán of ArmoyOlcán of Armoy
(supp. fl. 5th century)
patron saint of Airther Maige (Armoy, Co. Antrim), who appears (in a negative light) in the Tripartite Life of Saint Patrick.
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Senach mac CairillSenach mac Cairill
saint described as ‘bishop’ among the Múscraige. Feastday unknown unless he is the saint of the same name commemorated together with Gobnait of Duhallow on 11 February.
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Ultán of ArdbraccanUltán of Ardbraccan
(d. 657)
Ultán moccu Chonchobair
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
Irish poet and saint, abbot at Ard Breccáin (Ardbraccan) in Co. Meath.
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Abbreviations (35-36); Provinces & Counties (37)

Section A (pp. 51-82) includes:

Abán of Adamstown (51); Acobhrán of Kilrush; Adhamhnán of Iona; Ádhán of Imleach Tuaiscirt (55); Ádhán of Imleach Tuaiscirt (55); Adhlann of Derry (55);
Abbán of MoyarneyAbbán of Moyarney (Adamstown)
(d. 510?)
Abbán of Adamstown
early Irish saint, abbot of Mag Arnaide (Moyarney, now Adamstown, Co. Wexford) and Cell Abbáin (Killabban, Co. Laois)
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Acobhrán of KilrushAcobhrán of Kilrush
Entry reserved for but not yet available from the subject index.

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Section B (pp. 83-133) includes:

“Bairrfhionn; Bairrfhionn of Aughkiletaun; Bairrfhionn of Drumcullen; Bairrfhionn of Midíne”

Section C (pp. 134-250) includes:

“Cairbre Crom”
Coirpre Crom mac Feradaig
Coirpre Crom mac FeradaigCoirpre Crom(m) mac Feradaig
(d. 904)
bishop of Clonmacnoise
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“Cuimín Fada”
Cummíne FotaCummíne Fota
(fl. 7th century)
early Irish saint, patron of Clonfert (Clúain Fertae)
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Section D (pp. 251-278) includes:

“Daghán of Ennereilly”
“Daigh of Inishkeen”

Section E (pp. 279-298) includes:

“Eacha of Cluain Réadach; Eachaidh of Tallaght”
“Éadaoin of Tumna”

Section F (pp. 299-359) includes:

“Fachtna; Fachtna, associate of Patrick; Fachtna of Kiltoom; Fachtna of Ros Mic Earca; Fachtna of Ross Carbery”
“Fáilbhe of Diseart Cinn Chláir; Fáilbhe of Iona; Fáilbhe of Killower; Fáilbhe of Rathvilly”
“Faithleach of Cloontuskert; Faithleann of Innisfallen”
“Faoileann of Killeely”
“Faolán of Aachen; Faolán of Kiltullagh; Faolán of Murher; Faolán of Strathearn; Faolán of Strathfillan; Faolchú of Iona”
“Feadhbhear of Boho”
“Fearghas, bishop in Uí Mhaine; Fearghas of Downpatrick; Fearghas of Iniskeen; Fearghas son of Colmán Beag”
“Feargna of Ceall Mhic na Fhile; Feargna son of Ainmhire; Feargna Briot of Iona”
“Feathghna Fighleach; Féichín of Fore”
“Feidhealm; Feidhealm daughter of Rónán; Feidhealm Ruadh”
Index of parishes (585-616); index of other places (617-632); index of alternate (mainly anglicized) names (633-635); index of subjects (636-651); index of feastdays (652-660).