.R. majuscule (marginal)
Image: Rosc-r-maj-LLp113b.png
[File] Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1339 (H 2. 18, 1339) = Book of Leinster [s. xii2], p. 113b

Letter(s) displayed: <R / .R.> (base form in image, without marks, as it may appear to the untrained eye)
Represents in Irish: rosc(?) / (marks out verse) / (marks out special text form) (in the scribe's mind or in normalised spelling)
Build type: Combination
Notational device: » Baseline symbol » Critical sign
At the baseline: » Alphabetic letter(s):
> no image available R (majuscule)
No page available » 

» Symbol(s):

> Simplesquare-with-dots.png Simplesquare-with-dots-middle.png enclosing punctus (abbreviating device)
Represents: » □() » Notational device: Baseline symbol

Comments: For comments on this symbol, see .r. (marginal).
Represents: » In Irish: rosc(?) / (marks out verse) / (marks out special text form)
See also
Examples in context: Examples in other contexts, if available
Entries related in meaning: Possible equivalents matching one of the values in the transcription above, if available
> Rosc-r-min-LUp81b.png .r. (marginal)
Represents: » rosc(?), (marks out verse), (marks out special text form) (Irish)  » Notational device: Baseline symbol, Critical sign
> Phi-LLp274.png phi (critical sign)
Represents: » (marks out verse) (Irish) 

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