A fir ce no turcba raith

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A fir ce no turcba raith

    verse beg. A fir ce no turcba raith

    • Irish
    • verse
    • Early Irish poetry, dinnshenchas
    Irish poem (7qq) apparently concerning Emain Macha and Cimbáeth. It is found in NLI MS G 7, where it is prefaced with a short prose introduction (beg. Toforaint in Márrighan laithriuch nduine lie hAulta hi Machi) referring to the the dinnshenchas for Emain Macha. Editions, translations and discussions in secondary literature are unknown at this stage.
    Initial words (verse)
    • A fir ce no turcba raith
    • Irish language
    verse (primary)
    prose (secondary)
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    Early Irish poetry

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    Macha MongrúadMacha Mongrúad
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    CimbáethCimbáeth – Cimbáeth, son of Fintan, legendary king of Ireland and husband of Macha, who was the eponymous foundress of Emain Macha.
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     Emain Macha
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