verse beg. Abstalón, adba na ríg

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    Late Middle Irish poem on the beheading of St John the Baptist by Mog Ruith.
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    • Abstalón, adba na ríg
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    Early Irish poetry

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    Mog RuithMog Ruith / Mug Roith / Mug Ruith – Legendary Irish magician from Munster, who was linked in Ireland to biblical and apocryphal traditions, notably as a pupil under Simon Magus and as one responsible for the beheading of John the Baptist. He appears in Irish genealogies as a descendant of Medb and her lover Fergus mac Roích and as an ancestor for Fir Maige Féine, in the area about present-day Fermoy.
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    John the BaptistJohn the BaptistNo short description available
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    The version from the Edinburgh MS
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    76–77 Edinburgh version
    Dennis Groenewegen
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