Aided Lóthair‘The (violent) death of Lóthar’

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  • Táin bó Cúailnge, Dinnshenchas, Aided
Story about the death of Medb’s cowherd Lóthar, with an additional anecdote about the search for the bull. It occurs only in the first recension of TBC.
Aided Lóthair
‘The (violent) death of Lóthar’
The story is thus referred to in its conclusion (Conid Aided Lóthair ar Tána sin).
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Táin bó Cúailnge
 Dinnshenchas  Aided

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Medb ChrúachnaMedb Crúachna / Medb of Crúachan / Medb of Connacht (ass. time-frame: Subject:Ulster Cycle) – Queen of the Connachta, co-ruler with her husband Ailill mac Máta, in the Ulster Cycle. She is said to have a daughter, Findabair, and seven sons known as the seven Maines. Her lover is Fergus mac Róich.
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Donn CúailngeDonn Cúailnge / Dub Cúailnge (ass. time-frame: Ulster Cycle) – The fertile brown bull of Cúailnge (Cooley, Co. Louth) in the Táin and foretales.
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 Glenn Gat  Slíab Cuillinn


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[ed.] [tr.] O'Rahilly, Cecile [ed. and tr.], Táin bó Cúailnge: Recension I, Dublin: DIAS, 1976.
CELT – edition: <link> CELT – translation: <link>
31 (ll. 977–1001); 153 Recension 1
See Táin bó Cúailnge for the complete list
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