aimser (example)
Image: Aimser-Laud615p133.png
[File] Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Laud Misc. 615 = Saltair Choluim Chille [s. xvi1], p. 133

Letter(s) displayed: <ais> (base form in image, without marks, as it may appear to the untrained eye)
Represents in Irish: aimser (in the scribe's mind or in normalised spelling)
Build type: Example
Characters include:
> no image available i with m stroke
Represents: » im (Irish) » im (Latin)  » Notational device: Superscript symbol

Components include:
> M stroke.png m stroke
Represents: » □m, □um, □()m (Irish) 


> Er-1.png er (vertical tilde or 'flame')
 » U+033E
Represents: » □er, □ear, □r (Irish) 
Represents: » In Irish: aimser
Type of unit: » Lexical item
Lexical class: noun
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> Aimser-23P12f177ra.png aimser with cross stroke (example)
Represents: » aimser, aimsir (Irish)