Betha Adamnáin‘The Life of Adomnán’

  • Middle Irish
  • prose
  • Irish hagiography
Early Middle Irish Life of Adomnán, abbot of Iona (d. 704), written about the middle of the tenth century.
Initial words (prose)
  • Accinge sicut uir lumbos tuos
  • Middle Irish
  • early Middle Irish
According to the latest editors, Herbert and Ó Riain, the text was written about 950 (968?), at a time when the centre of Columba's familia moved from Iona to Kells (Co. Meath).
prose (primary)
verse (secondary)


Irish hagiography


AdomnánAdomnán (fl. c.628–704) – abbot of Iona; author of a Life of St Columba
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Secondary sources (select)

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