Betha Brigte‘The Life of (St) Brigit’

  • Middle Irish
  • prose
  • Irish hagiography
“apparently a translation of an abridged version of Colgan’s third life [i.e. the Vita prima sanctae Brigitae]” (Kenney)
Initial words (prose)
  • Híí sunt qui sequntur agnum quocunque ierit
  • Middle Irish
  • Secondary language(s): Hiberno-Latin
11th or 12th century (?)
prose (primary)
verse (secondary)
Textual relationships
Kenney suggests that “It possibly testifies to an earlier stratum of the legend ... Several of the legends are incorporated into the notes of the Calendar of Oengus on February 1, her [Brigit's] feast-day”.(1)n. 1 James F. Kenney, The sources for the early history of Ireland: an introduction and guide. Volume 1: ecclesiastical (1966): 363 and note.
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Irish hagiography


Brigit of KildareBrigit of Kildare (c. 439/452–c. 524/526) – patron saint of Kildare, whose cult spread both within and outside of Ireland.
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Secondary sources (select)

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