Bischoff, Bernhard


Bischoff, Bernhard, and Édouard Jeauneau, “Ein neuer Text aus der Gedankenwelt des Johannes Scottus”, in: Roques, René (ed.), Jean Scot Érigène et l’histoire de la philosophie: Laon 7–12 Juillet 1975, Colloques internationaux du CNRS 561, Paris: CNRS Éditions, 1977. 109–116.

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“Ein neuer Text aus der Gedankenwelt des Johannes Scottus”
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Jeauneau, Édouard, Études erigéniennes, Études augustiniennes 18, Paris: Études augustiniennes, 1987.
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History, society and culture
Anonymous [i²]Anonymous ... i²
(s. ix)
Nisifortinus, i²
Anonymous scribe/annotator whose Irish hand is detected in a number of continental manuscripts of Eriugena’s works and who was probably an assistant of Eriugena. Since a study by E. K. Rand, the hand is usually designatedl i², distinguishing it from that of a fellow scribe, which is designated i¹. Because he is known to have written annotations beg. Nisi forte quis dixerit to some of Eriugena’s bolder statements, modern scholars have nicknamed him Nisifortinus.
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Cathasach [Irish scholar, fl. 9th century]Cathasach ... Irish scholar, fl. 9th century
Entry reserved for but not yet available from the subject index.

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John Scottus EriugenaJohn Scottus Eriugena
(fl 9th century)
Irish scholar and theologian who had been active as a teacher at the palace school of Charles the Bald.
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Sedulius ScottusSedulius Scottus
No short description available
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Dennis Groenewegen