Breatnach, Liam


Breatnach, Liam, “The ecclesiastical element in the Old-Irish legal tract Cáin Fhuithirbe”, Peritia 5 (1986): 36–52.

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“The ecclesiastical element in the Old-Irish legal tract Cáin Fhuithirbe
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This paper examines some aspects of the Old Irish legal tract Cáin Fhuithirbe, especially the role of the church in its compilation. This text is of particular importance in that it can be dated on historical grounds to within a few years of AD 680. The paper discusses the state of preservation of the text, analyses various passages which can shed light on the date and style of composition of, and ecclesiastical involvement in, this fragmentarily preserved text, and concludes with a discussion of the final part of the text which is of relevance to Patrician studies.
(source: Brepols)
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early Irish law

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Banbán [scholar]Banbán ... scholar (d. 686) – The following references to Banbán may refer to the same individual: (1) one mentioned in the annals as sapiens (AU s.a. 686), fer léigind at Kildare (AT; cf. Fragmentary annals), (2) Banbán mentioned in association with the promulgation of Cáin Fhuithirbe and (3) Banbannus mentioned as an authority in the so-called Reichenau commentary on the Catholic Epistles. A further case has been made for the saint of the same name commemorated in the Félire Óengusso and elsewhere.
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