Bretha Doet Nemthine

  • Old Irish
  • Early Irish law texts
An early Irish legal text that is known from references elsewhere. It does not survive or at least, no passages have been identified as belonging to this text.
The text is mentioned in a list of bretha that occurs in the Pseudo-historical prologue to the Senchas Már as well as the literary tale Scél na Fír Flatha (§ 5).
  • Old Irish
  • Hypothetical.


Early Irish law texts




Secondary sources (select)

Breatnach, Liam, A companion to the Corpus iuris Hibernici, Early Irish Law Series 5, Dublin: DIAS, 2005.  
comments: A companion to Binchy (D. A.) 1978a. Review article: McLeod, N., “A true companion to the Corpus iuris Hibernici”, Peritia 19 (2005).
176 [id. 5.10. ‘Bretha Doet Nemthine’]
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