Cáin Díarmata‘The law of Díarmait’

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An early Irish legal text, now lost, but mentioned briefly in a passage on the ‘extent of the cánai’. Ó Cróinín suggests that the Díarmait in question is Díarmait of Killeshin (Co. Laois).
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Díarmait of KilleshinDíarmait of Killeshin – Díarmait (Diarmuid) of Killeshin, early Irish saint whose church is Glenn Uissen, now Killeshin (Co. Laois). His feast-day is 8 July.
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The text is associated with a certain Díarmait, whether or not he was also regarded as the author of the text. Dáibhí Ó Cróinín, Early medieval Ireland, 400–1200 (1995): 80 suggests identification with Díarmait of Killeshin.
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Breatnach, Liam, A companion to the Corpus iuris Hibernici, Early Irish Law Series 5, Dublin: DIAS, 2005.  
comments: A companion to Binchy (D. A.) 1978a. Review article: McLeod, N., “A true companion to the Corpus iuris Hibernici”, Peritia 19 (2005).
209 [id. 5.22. ‘Cáin Díarmata’]
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