Candiard, A., “Un commentaire des Actes attribué à Raban Maur”, Revue d'Études Augustiniennes et Patristiques 55 (2009)

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Candiard (Adrien) 2009 1

Candiard, Adrien, “Un commentaire des Actes attribué à Raban Maur”, Revue d'Études Augustiniennes et Patristiques 55:2 (2009): 265–278.

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Article “Un commentaire des Actes attribué à Raban Maur”
Periodical Revue d'Études Augustiniennes et Patristiques 55:2 (2009)
Pages 265–278


Abstract (cited) Although historiography does not generally mention any commentary of the Acts of the Apostles written by Raban Maur, two twelfth century manuscripts credit the Fulda abbot with a book that greatly contributed to the medieval exegesis of Luke’s second book, especially through the Glossa ordinaria, that it largely inspired. If the commentary seems to be contemporary with Raban, however the sources used, the biblical text and the style tend to contradict this attribution, despite that it is the only one attested by manuscripts. The use of a biblical text of Irish origin and the precise knowledge of the grammarian Donatus suggest that it could have been written by Sedulius Scottus, a Carolingian Irish exegete settled on the Continent; and yet, although many hints point towards this hypothesis, no manuscript indication establishes it with certainty.
Candiard (Adrien) 2009 1

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Hiberno-Latin literature to c.1169

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