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Celtica 5 – Richard Irvine Best memorial volume (1960), Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies.

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Celtica, volume 5
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National University School of Library Training Bibliography of the publications of Richard Irvine Best v–x
Lowe (E. A.) An unedited fragment of Irish exegesis in Visigothic script 1–7
Gwynn (Aubrey) Some notes on the history of the Book of Leinster 8–12
Kerr (N. R.) From ‘above top line’ to ‘below top line’: a change in scribal practice 13–16
Jones (E. D.) A Welsh pencerdd's manuscripts 17–27
Bieler (Ludwig), Mac Niocaill (Gearóid) Fragment of an Irish double psalter with glosses in the Library of Trinity College Dublin 28–39
Bischoff (Bernhard) Muridac doctissimus plebis: ein irischer Grammatiker des IX. Jahrhunderts 40–44
Grosjean (Paul) Espoic Branduibh aui Trenloco anchoritae 45–51
Heist (William W.) Dermot O'Donohue and the Codex Salmanticensis 52–63
Dillon (Myles) Laud Misc. 610 64–76
Binchy (D. A.) IE *que in Irish 77–94
Quin (E. G.) Old-Irish ol ‘inquit’ 95–102
Greene (David) Some problems of Irish phonology 103–106
Sommerfelt (Alf) The structural point of view applied to the analysis of the consonant system of a Donegal dialect 107–115
Thomson (R. L.) Svarabhakti and some associated changes in Manx 116–126
Jackson (Kenneth H.) Gemination and spirant mutation 127–134
Hull (Vernam) Varia hibernica [1. ad-cois; 2. móaigid; 3. -taithmis; 4. A further note on rabais; 5. On Scél Túain maic Cairill] 135–140
Lewy (E.) Zum irischen Wortschatz 141
Malone (Kemp) Bonnyclabber 142
Mulchrone (Kathleen) Notulae quaedam 143–144
O'Rahilly (Cecile) A Welsh treatise on horses 145–160
Knott (Eleanor) Mac an Bhaird's elegy on the Ulster lords 161–171
McCaughey (T. P.) Tract on chief places of Meath 172–176
Ó Cuív (Brain) A seventeenth-century legal document 177–185
O'Daly (Máirín) On the origin of Tara 186–191
Esposito (Mario) An apocryphal ‘Book of Enoch and Elias’ as a possible source of the Navigatio sancti Brendani 192–206
Mac Cana (Proinsias) A poem attributed to Cormac mac Cuilennáin († 908) 207–217
Campbell (J. L.) The tour of Edward Lhuyd in Ireland in 1699 and 1700 218–228
Pokorny (Julius) The pre-Celtic inhabitants of Ireland 229–240
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