verse beg. Cros Chríst tarsin n-gnúisse

Mugrón (abbot of Iona)
  • Middle Irish
  • Early Irish poetry, Early Irish lyrics, Irish lyrical verse
Initial words (verse)
  • Cros Chríst tarsin n-gnúisse
Mugrón [abbot of Iona]Mugrón ... abbot of Iona (d. c.981) – abbot of Iona and supposed author of a number of vernacular Irish poems. His obit in AFM remembers him as ‘scribe/writer and bishop, sage of the three divisions’ (scribhnidh ⁊ epscop, saoi na t-Tri Rand).
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In RIA MS 23 G 4, the poem is ascribed to Mugrón, who was coarb of Colum Cille between 965 and 981. This "is linguistically probable, and as Mugrón is not a person to whom Irish scribes frequenty attribute poems it may be taken to be based on genuine tradition" (Murphy).
  1. Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Laud Misc. 615 = Saltair Choluim Chille [s. xvi1]
    p. 55heading: ‘An crosradhach Coluim Chille innso’
  2. Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23 G 4 (O'Gorman 23, 679) [s. xviii]
    p. 355heading: ‘Mugron comharba choluim cille cecinit
    1. Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23 G 5
      p. 78
      Copy based on 23 G 4
  • Middle Irish
  • "G's attribution to Mugrón [fl. AD 965-981] is linguistically probable" (Murphy)

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