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Version A of the Dinnshenchas Érenn represents the metrical recension, i.e. a recension consisting almost exclusively of verse, as opposed to the prose recension of B or the mixed recension of C. It is attested only in the Book of Leinster. Other portions of the same manuscript (pp. 159-160 and 165-170) contain version B. See further Dinnshenchas Érenn.

The texts of version A are distributed over various sections of the Book of Leinster. The original arrangement of these manuscript sections has not been preserved intact and an unknown number of leaves appear now to be lost. The writing appears to be the work of two scribes.

Gwynn suggests a reconstruction of the original order as follows:

verse (primary)
prose (secondary)


Early Irish poetry Medieval Irish literature Dinnshenchas Érenn


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comments: Part 1 (chapters 1-23): Allgemeines; Part 2 (chapters 1-85): Die Ulter Sage
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