Draak, Maartje


Draak, Maartje, “Some aspects of kingship in pagan Ireland”, in: Edsman, Carl-Martin (ed.), The sacral kingship / La regalità sacra: contributions to the central theme of the VIIIth International Congress for the History of Religions (Rome, April 1955) / contributi al tema dell'VIII Congresso Internazionale di Storia delle Religioni (Roma, Aprile 1955), Numen Book Series, Studies in the History of Religions 4, Leiden: Brill, 1959. 651–663.

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Draak, Maartje, Schimmen van het wester-eiland: verkenningen in de Keltische traditie van het oude Ierland, Meulenhoff editie. Ideeën 474, Amsterdam: Meulenhoff, 1977.  
A collection of papers and articles by Maartje Draak. Those that were originally published in English are here translated into Dutch.
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