Dublin, National Library of Ireland

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Dublin, National Library of Ireland
National Library of Ireland Dublin, Ireland
G 1 
record: Phillipps 4169
s. xvi
G 2 
record: Phillipps 7021
s. xiv-xv
G 3 
record: Phillipps 7022
s. xiv-xv
G 4 
record: Phillipps 8214
originally part of the Yellow Book of Lecan
s. xivex
G 5 
record: Phillipps 9194
s. xv-xvi
G 6 
record: Phillipps 9195
s. xv-xvi
G 7 
record: Phillipps 9748
s. xvi
G 8 
record: Phillipps 9750
The Book of Éumann Ó Bolgaoi
s. xvi
G 9 
record: Phillipps 9754
s. xvex
G 10 
record: Phillipps 10266
s. xvi
G 11 
record: Phillipps 10297
s. xv2
G 12 
record: Phillipps 10403
s. xviin
G 13 
record: Phillipps 17706
s. xvi
G 14 
record: Phillipps 21756
s. xviex
G 15 
record: Phillipps 3545
s. xviii
G 16 
record: Phillipps 3900
s. xviii
G 17 
record: Phillipps 6461
s. xvii
G 24 
record: Phillipps 9359
s. xviii
G 45 
record: Phillipps 10270
s. xix
G 47 
s. xixin
G 50 
record: Phillipps 10276
s. xvii
G 53 
record: Phillipps 10279
s. xvii
G 59 
record: Phillipps 10286
s. xviii
record: Phillipps 10842
s. xviii
G 130 
record: Phillipps 17080
s. xviii
G 131 
record: Phillipps 17082
s. xvii
G 296 
record: Phillipps 14163
G 488 
s. xviii-xix
G 531 
s. xv / s. xvi
s. xvi2
G 1200 
Book of Magauran / Leabhar Méig Shamhradháin
s. xiv
G 1303 
Leabhar Í Eadhra (Book of O'Hara)
G 1304 
formerly Sir Con O'Neill's manuscript
s. xvii


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Celt.dias.ie – first 9 fasciculi: <link>
National Library of Ireland, Report of the Council of Trustees for 1930–1931, Dublin, 1932.

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