Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23 E 26

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23 E 26
13. 5, O'Reilly 111
Cat. no. 756
Irish annals
Provenance and related aspects
s. xviii
early 18th century
Hands, scribes
Richard TipperTipper (Richard)
(d. 1730)
Tuibear (Risteard), Tupper (Richard)
Irish scholar, scribe and antiquarian from Mitchelstown (Co. Dublin).
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Seón Mac SolaidhMac Solaidh (Seón)
(fl. early 18th century)
Mac Solly (John), Mac Solaimh (Seón)
Irish scribe, of Stackallan (Co. Meath)
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(1) Richard Tipper (of Mitchelstown), scribe and compiler in the parish of Castleknock, who signed his name in 1717; (2) John Mac Solly (of Stackallen). One of his notes bears the date 1711.(1)n. 1 R. I. Best, ‘The Leabhar Oiris’, Ériu 1 (1904).
Codicological information
paper manuscript
Foliation / Pagination
361 numbered pages, with 10 unnumbered pages inserted at the beginning.(2)n. 2 R. I. Best, ‘The Leabhar Oiris’, Ériu 1 (1904).
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R. I. Best, ‘The Leabhar Oiris’, Ériu 1 (1904).
R. I. Best, ‘The Leabhar Oiris’, Ériu 1 (1904).

Secondary sources (select)

Mulchrone, Kathleen, Thomas F. O'Rahilly, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, and A. I. Pearson (eds.), Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in the Royal Irish Academy, 8 vols, Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 1926–1970.
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