Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23 E 29

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Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23 E 29

Book of Fermoy
  • s. xiv/xv
  • Irish manuscripts
  • vellum
Collection: Haliday and Larcom
23 E 29
Cat. no. 1134
Book of Fermoy
Provenance and related aspects
s. xiv/xv
14th or 15th century
Origin, provenance
Hands, scribes
Codicological information
The following is a tabulated, simplified version of the catalogue description.
Work in progress

f. 1ra–f. 23vb = p. 1a–p. 16b
[MS] Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23 E 29/pp. 1-16  » A fragment of Lebor gabála Érenn (Recension A), tentatively dated to the 14th century in the catalogue description. Another part is in Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS D iii 1.
f. 23ra–f. 23vb = p. 17–p. 18
f. 24ra–f. 25ra = p. 19–p. 21a
f. 25rb–f. 25vb = p. 21b–p. 22b
[Cia so agras coir um Cruachain] » Poem of 35 quatrains, beginning ‘Cia so agras coir um Cruachain’ (reconstructed text)
f. 26ra–f. 27ra = p. 23a–p. 25a
[Mor loites lucht an indluig]
f. 27ra–f. 27vb = p. 25a–p. 26b
[Baile suthach Sith Emhna]
f. 28ra–f. 28vb = p. 27a–p. 28b
[Gerr o dob inghill mna Mumhan]
f. 29ra–f. 32ra = p. 29a–p. 35a
f. 32ra–f. 33ra = p. 35a–p. 37a
f. 33ra–f. 33va = p. 37a–p. 38a
[Noínden Ulad] » MS heading: ‘Aní dia roibe in Ces for Ultaibh
f. 33vb = p. 38b
f. 33vb–f. 34va = p. 38b–p. 40a
[Cert cech ríg co réil]
f. 37r–f. 37v = p. —–p. —
» lost leaf
f. 38ra–f. 42vb = p. 45a–p. 54b
[Páis Georgi] » Betha Sain Seoirsí
f. 85ra–f. 88vb = p. 131–p. 138
» [...]
p. 217–p. 232
[MS] Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23 E 29/pp. 217-232  » Medical manuscript
p. 233–p. 234
[MS] Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS 23 E 29/pp. 233-234  » Fragment.
p. 236
» [...]
The list below has been collated from the table of contents (if available on this page)
Progress in this area is being made piecemeal. Full and partial tables of contents are available for a small number of manuscripts.
and incoming annotations concerning individual texts (again, if available).
Whenever catalogue entries about texts are annotated with information about particular manuscript witnesses, these manuscripts can be queried for the texts that are linked to them.
f. 24ra–f. 25ra; p. 19–p. 21a
ff. 24ra–25ra  pp. 19a–21a   
ff. 111ra.1–116va.31  pp. 181a.1–192a.31   
Baile suthach Sith Emhna
f. 27ra–f. 27vb; p. 25a–p. 26b
p. 89a  
f. 32ra–f. 33ra; p. 35a–p. 37a
ff. 35a–37a  
[II] pp. 128b.1–130b.13   
f. 29ra–f. 32ra; p. 29a–p. 35a
pp. 29a–35a   
A different version that omits some poems while offering others.
Cert cech ríg co réil
f. 33vb–f. 34va; p. 38b–p. 40a
p. 83  
Cia so agras coir um Cruachain
f. 25rb–f. 25vb; p. 21b–p. 22b
Poem of 35 quatrains, beginning ‘Cia so agras coir um Cruachain’ (reconstructed text)
f. 99v  p. 158  
f. 85ra–f. 88vb; p. 131–p. 138
p. 131a-138b  
pp. 114a–115b   
Redaction 2.
f. 33vb; p. 38b
p. 38b  
ff. 44r–48r  pp. 57–65   
Recension II.
Gerr o dob inghill mna Mumhan
f. 28ra–f. 28vb; p. 27a–p. 28b
ff. 86a–88a  
pp. 169–177   
incipit: Flathbhrughaidh cétach comrumach rochineastar do cuigiud Connacht   
f. 57ra  p. 83a  
incipit: Aroile duine truagh bocht ⁊ moirsheisir cloinde aigi tainic cum Dabith do chuincidh almsaine fair   
f. 23ra–f. 23vb; p. 17–p. 18
[1] ff. 17a–18b  
Mor loites lucht an indluig
f. 26ra–f. 27ra; p. 23a–p. 25a
f. 33ra–f. 33va; p. 37a–p. 38a
rubric: Aní dia roibe in Ces for Ultaibh   
[2] pp. 37a–38b   
f. 38ra–f. 42vb; p. 45a–p. 54b
Betha Sain Seoirsí
p. 44  
rubric: Betha Sain Seoirsí   
pp. 54, col. 2, line 18 – 56, col. 2, line 16.   
A gap of 15 lines on p. 55. A very different version.
pp. 155a–156a   
Followed by the poem Tuán mac Cairill ro clos
pp. 72–80   
Imperfect. The text breaks off abruptly at the foot of p. 80.
f. 72ra.11ff  
pp. 207a–212b   
ff. 49ra–51rb  pp. 67a–71b   
[2] pp. 213a–216b   
Fragment. Lines 1045-1351 of Knott's edition.
p. 212  
  • Sources

Primary sources
This section typically includes references to diplomatic editions, facsimiles and photographic reproductions, notably digital image archives, of at least a major portion of the manuscript. For editions of individual texts, see their separate entries.

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Secondary sources

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Diplomatic edition of the manuscript texts from YBL (given at the top of the page) and the Book of Fermoy (bottom of the page).
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