Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS D ii 3/ff. 1-11

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Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS D ii 3

section 1, ff. 1r-11v
  • s. viii
  • distinct manuscript
  • Irish manuscripts
  • vellum
Irish manuscript containing passages excerpted from the Gospel of John, beginning with a decorated initial (f. 1r). The last folio (f. 11v) shows a portrait of St John.
Part of
Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS D ii 3 (1238) = Gospel of John and Stowe Missal [s. viiiex-ix1]
Provenance and related aspects
s. viii
Hands, scribes
Hands indexed:
Sonid The hand is that of a scribe who calls himself Sonid in an ogam signature on the final leaf. SonidSonid
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Codicological information
Codicological unit. Indicates whether the entry describes a single leaf, a distinct or composite manuscript, etc.
distinct manuscript

  • Sources

See also the parent manuscript for further references.

Byrne, F. J., “The Stowe Missal”, in: s.n. (ed.), Great books of Ireland: Thomas Davis lectures, Dublin, London: Clonmore & Reynolds; Burns & Oates, 1967. 38–50.
Bernard, J. H., “On the Stowe St. John, and on the citations from scripture in the Leabhar Breac”, Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy 30 (1892-1896): 313–324.

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