Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS D ii 3/ff. 12-67

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Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS D ii 3

section 2, ff. 12r-67v
Stowe Missal (proper)
  • s. ix1
  • Irish manuscripts
  • vellum
Part of
Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS D ii 3 (1238) = Gospel of John and Stowe Missal [s. viiiex-ix1]
Stowe Missal (proper)
Provenance and related aspects
s. ix1
Hands, scribes
Hands indexed:
Main hand Anonymous.
Second hand Scribe who calls himself Moel Caich. Máel CaíchMáel Caích
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Codicological information

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ff. 12r-38r
Latin ordo for Sunday Mass.
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ff. 46v-60r
Latin ordo for Baptism, including the Communion of the Newly Baptized
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ff. 60r-65r
Latin ordo for the Visitation of the Sick, including the Administration of Extreme Unction and Communion
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ff. 65v-67r
Ind altoir fiugor ind ingrimme immaberr
Incipit: ‘Ind altoir fiugor ind ingrimme immaberr’Short Old Irish tract on the Mass.
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Stowe Missal charms
Three Irish charms: against eye injury, thorns and urinary disease.
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ff. 65v–67r  
ff. 65v-67r
incipit: Ind altoir fiugor ind ingrimme immaberr   Short Old Irish tract on the Mass.
f. 67v  
Three Irish charms: against eye injury, thorns and urinary disease.
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See also the parent manuscript for further references.

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