Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1287

  • 1746
  • distinct manuscript
  • Irish manuscripts
  • miscellany
  • paper
H 1. 13
Cat. no. 1287
Provenance and related aspects
Hands, scribes
Hands indexed:
Aodh Ó Dálaigh Aodh Ó Dálaigh (Hugh O'Daly) transcribed the texts. Aodh Ó DálaighO'Daly (Hugh) / Ó Dálaigh (Aodh) (fl. mid-18th century) – Irish scribe and poet
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distinct manuscript
The following table of contents incorporates the catalogue description.

» Brief table of contents
p. 1
» Incipit: ‘Is truagh sin, a leabhrain bhric báin’ » 1 q
p. 1
» Incipit: ‘A bheithe bheódha mhórdha’ » 1 q
p. 2
» More detailed table of contents
p. 5
[Cath Maige Mucrama] » (?) An account of the battle of Mag Mucrama
p. 58
» Incipit: ‘Is fáda lá urchoid crioch’ » “Elegy on the death of Capt. Francis O'Sullivan (d. 1746)”
p. 59
[Leabhar Oiris] » MS heading: ‘Leabhar Irse agus anala ar cogaib 'Erionn annso ⁊ go inórmhór ar catha Cl úan Tarbhadh ⁊ ar an Laochroidh do thuit ann ⁊c’ » A copy of the Leabhar Oiris, beginning s.a. 976. According to Abbott, it was probably copied from the version in Egerton 1782.
p. 63
» Account of the battle of Clontarf.
p. 77
» Incipit: ‘Fáda bheith gan aoibhneas’ » Ascribed to: Mac Líacc » Poem
p. 78
» Incipit: ‘Athuamhar an oidhche nocht’ » Ascribed to: Gilla Caoimh » Poem (11 qq). Elegy for Brian Boru and his son, in which the poet describes his journey to Greece and Jordan.
p. 80
[Ráith Raithleann Ráith Chuirc is Chéin] » Incipit: ‘Radh Raitlionn rád Chuirc is Chein’ » Ascribed to: Gilla Caoimh » Poem. Thoughts on Raithleann, Cian's dwellling, while the poet is on pilgrimage.
p. 86
» Pedigree of the O'Briens
p. 87a–p. 88
[In tenga bithnua] » Second part. Continues from p. 94 and ends imperfect.
p. 89–p. 94
[In tenga bithnua] » First part. Continues on p. 87a.
p. 95
[Oidheadh Con Culainn] » The part known as Deargruathar Chonall Chearnaigh
p. 149
[Caithréim Cellacháin Chaisil] » A copy which agrees closely with that in RIA MS 23 H 1a (Abbott).
p. 195
[Táin bó Cúailnge II] » ~ BL, Additional 18748 (c. 1800), itself copied from a MS of c. 1730.
p. 321
This text awaits identification in a dedicated catalogue entry, or the entry exists but no link has been made as yet. » Incipit: ‘Conall Cearnach créud ó na bhfuil’ » Poem on the history and genealogy of Conall Cernach and other heroes of the ‘Red Branch’ (Abbott). In the upper margin, O'Curry writes: “This is a modern forgery”.

Transcripts from Egerton 1782, ff. 67r-87v + ff. 17ra-20rb

p. 323–p. 327
[Longes mac nUislenn] » MS heading: ‘Longeas Mac Uisnigh’ » Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 67r ff
p. 327a
[Tochmarc Ferbe] » No heading. Also known as Fís Conchobuir. Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 69v ff.
p. 328
[Aislinge Óenguso] » MS heading: ‘Aislingi Oengusai’ » Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 70r ff
p. 331
[Echtra Nerai] » No heading. Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 71v ff
p. 334
[De chophur in dá muccida] » Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 73v ff
p. 339
[Táin bó Regamna] » Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 76v ff
p. 340
[Compert Conchobuir] » Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 77v ff
p. 342
[Compert Con Culainn] » Recension I. Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 78v ff
p. 343
[Compert Con Culainn] » Recension II. Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 79r ff
p. 345
[Táin bó Dartada] » Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 80r ff
p. 346
[Táin bó Regamain] » Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 81r ff
p. 347
[Táin bó Flidais] » Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 82r ff
p. 349
[Táin bó Fraích] » No heading. Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 82v ff.
p. 355
[Do faillsigud Tána bó Cúailnge] » MS heading: ‘Cethrdo connadur da gach eladuin’ » Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 87v ff
p. 355
[Echtrae Chonnlai] » Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 19v ff
p. 356
[Baile Bricín] » No heading. Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 17r ff
p. 360
[Forfess Fer Fálgae] » Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 19r ff
p. 360
[Verba Scáthaige] » Transcript from Eg. 1782, f. 19v ff


p. 361line 15–p. 362
[Dúil Dromma Cetta] » Extracts (L-M-I) from the glossary known as Dúil Dromma Cetta. Section L (words beginning with the letter l) begins at p. 361; section M at p. 362, followed by a few words beg. in i.
p. 363
[De ingantaib Érenn] » De quibusdam rebus mirandis Hibernie. Ends imperfect. It is followed by a variety of extracts, some of which are listed below:
» Note (1 paragraph) on the sons of Noah.
p. 364
» Note on ceremonies observed during Mass and the popes who introduced them. According to Abbott, it is a copy from the version which is found in BB, p. 14b.
p. 364
» Will of Níall of the Nine Hostages
» One line on the legend that Bathrach [sic], i.e. Bachrach, told Conchobar of the Passion of Christ.
» Questions and answers concerning the first builder, the first physician and the first fisherman in Ireland. The answers are taken from Dubhaltach Mac Fhir Bhisigh’s introduction to his Leabhar Mór na nGenealach. (Abbott)
p. 365
» Descendants of Níall of the Nine Hostages
p. 365
» In Sceithia .i. Clann Goimeir Mic Japheth
p. 365
» On the sons of Magu, “grandmother of Cú Chulainn” (Abbott).
p. 365
» Genealogy of Cét mac Mágach
p. 366
» “Of three kings not tributary to the kings of Cashel.”
p. 366
» “Descent of Cinbeith [sic] from Domnall Ilchelgach”
p. 366
» Various genealogical extracts, e.g. for St Mobi Clairineach mac Beoain: ‘Clarenech dano he uar rotair indhuir a agid gur bo haenclar’
p. 366
» Account of Cianog, daughter of Cicharan, grandmother of the wife of Cennedig mac Lorcain.
p. 366
» Account (one paragraph) of Scota, daughter of Pharaoh, king of Egypt
» Scribal colophon. Hugh O'Daly gives his name and the date of writing as 17 December 1746, with an Irish note saying ‘There is an end and finis of every battle, engagement, and deed of note which I found in the old paper book’ (tr. Abbott). It is followed by a quatrain in praise of Francis O'Sullivan.
scribal addition x

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