Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1316

  • s. xiv
  • composite manuscript
  • Irish manuscripts
  • vellum
A composite manuscript containing early Irish legal tracts and miscellaneous other texts. The various sections are currently bound in five volumes and used to be bound together with the manuscript now known as TCD 1317 (H 2. 15b).
H 2. 15a
Cat. no. 1316
Provenance and related aspects
s. xiv
14th century
Origin, provenance
Hands, scribes
Later hands
Dubhaltach Mac Fhir Bhisigh Edward Lhuyd
Codicological information
UnitCodicological unit. Indicates whether the entry describes a single leaf, a distinct or composite manuscript, etc.
composite manuscript
Distinct units

Inserted after the flyleaves

(1) Letter from John Sebright to Charles Vallancey (1782).

(2) Note about mules belonging to the Cardinal.

Volume 1

pp. 1-10

Medical work. 5 folia.

Volume 2

pp. 11-38
pp. 39-66
pp. 43-46

Legal heptads. These folios were formerly inserted in the middle of the previous section, hence the pagination, and correspond to pp. 105-108 in Abbott’s catalogue..

Volume 3

pp. 67-70

Narrative literature.

Volume 4

pp. 71-86

Fragment (8 folios), including Immacallam in dá thúarad (pp. 71-77) and legal material concerning poets (pp. 78-86).

Volume 5

pp. 87-87*
Dublin, Trinity College, …  pp. 87-87*

Fragment (2 folia).

pp. 88-88*
Dublin, Trinity College, …  pp. 88-88*

Fragment (1 folio).

pp. 89-90
Dublin, Trinity College, …  pp. 89-90

Fragment (1 folio).

pp. 91-92
Dublin, Trinity College, …  pp. 91-92

Genealogical (1 folio).

pp. 93-94
Dublin, Trinity College, …  pp. 93-94

Fragment (1 folio) of the history of Thebes. Earlier pagination in ink: 380-381.

pp. 95-96
Dublin, Trinity College, …  pp. 95-96

Fragment (1 folio) of an Irish sermon on Mary. Earlier pagination in ink: 382-383.

pp. 97-104

Fragment of Lebor gabála Érenn (Recension C). Earlier pagination in ink: 384-391.

For the folios paginated as 105-108 in Abbott’s catalogue, see the item listed at pp. 43-46 above.


Primary sources This section typically includes references to diplomatic editions, facsimiles and photographic reproductions, notably digital image archives, of at least a major portion of the manuscript. For editions of individual texts, see their separate entries.

Best, R. I., and Rudolf Thurneysen (introduction), Senchas Már: facsimile of the oldest fragments from Ms.H.2.15 in the library of Trinity College, Dublin, Facsimiles in Collotype of Irish Manuscripts 1, Dublin: Stationery Office, 1931.
Facsimile edition of the legal material
Best, R. I., “The oldest fragments of the Senchas Már: addendum et corrigenda”, Analecta Hibernica 10 (1941): 299–303.  
Addendum and corrigenda to Senchas Már: facsimile of the oldest fragments from Ms. H.2.15 in the library of Trinity College (1931)
Binchy, D. A. [ed.], Corpus iuris Hibernici, 7 vols, vol. 2, Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1978.  
comments: numbered pp. 339–744; diplomatic edition of legal material from: London, British Library, MS Harleian 432; Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1316; Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1337.
423–562 Diplomatic edition of legal material on pp. 11a-42b, 47a-66b, 43a-46b, 78a-86b

Secondary sources (select)

Abbott, T. K., and E. J. Gwynn, Catalogue of the Irish manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, Dublin: Hodges, Figgis & Co, 1921.
Internet Archive: <link> Internet Archive: <link>
90–92, 340–341 direct link direct link
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Dennis Groenewegen
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