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Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1318

section 14, cols. 487-499
YBL section
  • c. 1413
  • Irish manuscripts
  • medical manuscript
  • vellum
Part of
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1318 (H 2. 16, 1318) = Yellow Book of Lecan (Leabhar Buidhe Lecain) [s. xiv – s. xv]
YBL section
medical manuscript
A section in the Yellow Book of Lecan containing a commentary on Book 7 of the Aphorisms of Hippocrates.
Provenance and related aspects
c. 1413
c. 1413
Origin, provenance
According to the note towards, it was written at (an island in) Loch Techet, now Lough Gara (Co. Sligo).
Hands, scribes
Giolla Phádraig AlbanachGiolla Phádraig Albanach
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Codicological information
Foliation / Pagination
4 ff.
These folios “were formerly inverted by mistake of the binder, and the numbering of the cols, was perverted accordingly” (Abbott and Gwynn).

p. 456–p. 462 = col. 487–col. 499
» Commentary on seventh book of the Aphorisms of Hippocrates (2-59).
col. 496–col. 497
» A note records the name of the scribe: Giolla Phádraig Albanach; the date of writing: the year 1413; and the place of writing: Loch Tethead, i.e. Loch Techet (now Lough Gara).
scribal addition x
col. 499a*–col. 499b*
» p. 499 consists of two columns
p. 463 = col. -
» The verso of p. 499, unnumbered. It contains a Latin prayer.


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Abbott, T. K., and E. J. Gwynn, Catalogue of the Irish manuscripts in the Library of Trinity College, Dublin, Dublin: Hodges, Figgis & Co, 1921.
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Dennis Groenewegen
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