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Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1318

cols 573–958
section of the Yellow Book of Lecan
  • s. xivex/xvin
  • Irish manuscripts
  • vellum
Part of
Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1318 (H 2. 16, 1318) = Yellow Book of Lecan (Leabhar Buidhe Lecain) [s. xiv – s. xv]
section of the Yellow Book of Lecan
Miscellany. Numbering 99 ff, this is the longest section in the composite manuscript now known as the Yellow Book of Lecan. It has been suggested that it would have belonged to the ‘Yellow Book of Lecan proper’ (the manuscript that originally bore this name), of which section 10 (cols 370–400) is one gathering.
Provenance and related aspects
s. xivex/xvin
1390 x 1417
Hands, scribes
Giolla Íosa Mac Fhir BhisighMac Fhir Bhisigh (Giolla Íosa) (fl. c. 1390–1418) – No short description available
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mostly written by Giolla Íosa Mac Fhir Bhisigh
Codicological information
Work in progress
Page numbers are those of the facsimile edition.

At the beginning, one leaf appears to be lost
p. 17a–p. 53a = col. 573–col. 644
[Táin bó Cúailnge I] » First recension. Beginning missing.
p. 41 = col. 620
» Account of Ailill's and Medb's heroes
col. 644–col. 646
[Táin bó Dartada] » ‘The raid of the cattle of Dartaid’
col. 646
col. 648
col. 649line 47–col. 658line 41
p. 60 = col. 658
[Echtra Nerai] » here referred to as Táin bó Aingen
p. 62 = col. 662
» Account of the Patriarchs (Old Testament)
p. 71 = col. 680
[Amra Choluim Chille] » Ascribed to: Dallán Forgaill » "Songs of Columcille"
col. 689
[Longes Labrada (ACC)] » Untitled in the manuscript. Story of the exile and return of Labraid ‘Lorc’ Loingsech, which here occurs as an appendix to the commentary on the term céis in line 20 of the poem.
p. 74aline 31 = col. 690line 31–col. 691
[Scéla Labrada Luirc] » Untitled in the manuscript, this tale forms another appendix to the commentary on line 20 of the poem.
p. 81 = col. 700
[In tenga bithnua] » "The ever-new tongue", homily
p. 81 = col. 705
[In tenga bithnua] » Continuation of In teanga bithnua, four columns
p. 86 = col. 707
[Immram Snédgusa ocus Maic Riagla] » Alternative version, here called Eachtrae clerech Choluimcille ("The adventures of Columcille's clerics"). Cf. the different version at col. 391.
p. 91aline 1–p. 104a line 17 = col. 716line 1–col. 739line 17
[Togail bruidne Da Derga] » ‘The destruction of Da Derga's hostel’
» Lacuna between between pp. 731-732. Four paper leaves were here in O'Donovan's time, but have been transferred to the end of the book. One leaf tells of Brian Boru.
p. 105a–p. 109b = col. 740–col. 749
[Suidiugud tellaig Temra] » "The settling of the manor of Tara"
p. 109line 20 = col. 749line 20
[Longes mac nUislenn] » "The exile of the sons of Uisliu"
p. 112 = col. 754
[Orgain Denna Ríg] » "The Destruction of Dind Ríg"
p. 113line 47 = col. 756line 47
[Esnada tige Buchet] » "The songs of Buchet's House"
p. 105line 6 = col. 759line 6–col. 765line 44
[Fled Bricrenn ocus Loinges mac nDuíl Dermait] » Late Old Irish tale of the Ulster Cycle (‘Bricriu's feast and the exile of the sons of Dóel Dermait’).
p. 117 = col. 765–col. ...
[Tochmarc Becfola] » "The wooing of Becfhola"
p. 119line 36 = col. 768line 36
[Fianshruth] » List A.
p. 120line 24 = col. 770bline 24
p. 121aline 40 = col. 772line 40–col. 773
[Irish story of David and Goliath] » Incipit: ‘Dauīd mac hĪsse, rī is ferr tarraid talam intī Dauīd’ » [Stories about King David of Israel:] David and Goliath
p. 121b = col. 773–col. 774
[Irish story of David and Absalom] » Incipit: ‘Dā mac amra la Dauīd .i. Solam 7 Abisilōn’ » [Stories about King David:] David and Absalon
p. 122a = col. 774–col. 775
[Irish story of the death of Absalom] » Incipit: ‘Dober Abisilōn idna catha dia athair’ » [Stories about King David:] Absalon's death
col. 775–col. 776
[King David and the beggar (long version)] » Incipit: ‘Dia casc..
p. 123a = col. 776
[Irish story of David and Solomon] » Incipit: ‘Nabīd Dauīd fut ind shamlāi oc breith na hēnbrethi’ » [Stories about King David:] David and Solomon.
p. 123line 47 = col. 776line 47
[Aided Chon Roí] » "The violent death of Cú Roí", on the deaths of Cú Roí mac Dáire and Blathnát
p. 125line 27 = col. 780line 27
[Innid scél scaílter n-airich] » poem of 78 ranns by Flannacán mac Cellaig, king of Bregia
p. 125line 43 = col. 781line 43
[Cles Con Culainn] » ‘The feats of Cú Chulainn’
p. 126line 126 = col. 782line 126
» Assembly of Druim Cet
p. 126bline 44 = col. 783line 44
[Orcuin Néill Noígíallaig] » ‘The death of Niall of the Nine Hostages’
p. 127bline 21 = col. 785line 21
[In tan nothéigmis don dáil] » Incipit: ‘In tan nothēigmis don dāil’ » Elegy on the death of Niall of the Nine Hostages. 15 ranns.
p. 128 = col. 786
[Gein Branduib meic Echach ocus Áedáin meic Gabráin] » "The birth of Brandub son of Eochu and of Aedán son of Gabrán"
p. 128aline 46–p. 132b = col. 786line 46
[Scéla Cano meic Gartnáin] » ‘The story of Cano son of Gartnán’
p. 132 = col. 795
[Guaire Aidne, Cumméne Fota and Caimín of Inis Celtra] » Legend of Guaire Aidne, king of Connacht, and the two saints Cumméne Fota and Caimín of Inis Celtra. The same story occurs as an episode in Cath Cairn Chonaill (‘The battle of Carnn Conaill’).
p. 133aline 21–p. 133b = col. 796line 21
[Scéla Colmáin meic Duach ocus Guairi meic Colmáin] » Story about St. Colman mac Duach and King Guaire (Guaire Aidne mac Colmáin)
p. 133bline 12 = col. 797line 12
[Scéla Guairi meic Colmáin ocus Meic Teléne] » Story about the Munsterman Mac Teléne, who appears before Guaire Aidne, king of Connacht, and boasts of the superiority of Munster. He is sent to prison until his claims are verified by three Munstermen, including Mac Dá Cherda and Cummíne Fota.
p. 134 = col. 798
[The adventures of Mac Dá Cherda] » Story about Mac Dá Cherda son of Máel Ochtraig
p. 135line 34 = col. 800line 34
[Scéla Mongáin ocus Echdach Rígéicis] » "The story of Mongán and Eochaid Rígéices", Fiachnae mac Báetáin, king of Ulster.
p. 136 = col. 802
» Stories about Mac Dé (and Diarmait mac Cerbaill)
p. 136line 22 = col. 803line 22
» The Conversion of Constantine and the Finding of the Cross
p. 137line 13 = col. 805line 13
[Ind áer-sin do-rigne Cairpre mac Etaine do Bres mac Elathan] » On the first satire composed in Ireland by Cairbre for Bres mac Eladan
p. 138line 7 = col. 806line 7
» On King Salemon of Greece
p. 138line 8 = col. 807line 8
» On the beheading of the John the Baptist and poem on the four Herods by the poet Bran. Cf. the tale of col. 849.
p. 139line 9 = col. 808line 9
[Tréide cétna labratar iarna genemain] » ‘On the three persons in Ireland who spoke directly after birth’
p. 140line 40 = col. 810line 40
» Description of the Banqueting Hall at Tara. Cf. col. 244.
p. 140line 23 = col. 811line 23
» Poem on the sons of King Cormac mac Airt; short notes on St Patrick
p. 141 = col. 812–col. 823
» Passion of the Lord
col. 823
p. 154line 19 = col. 839line 19
» Homily of the Blessed Virgin. Ends imperfect.
p. 157 = col. 844–col. 846
[Scél saltrach na rann] » Fragment. “Account of the fall of the Angels and the expulsion of Adam from Eden” (Abbott)
p. 159b = col. 849b
[Páis Eoin Bauptaist] » Story of the death of John the Baptist.
col. 851
» “a request to the reader to pray for the scribe Mac Firbis” (Abbott)
scribal addition x
p. 161–p. 163 = col. 852–col. 857
» 'Dialogue of the Soul and Body'
p. 163 = col. 857
» Word from the scribe, Giolla Íosa Mór Mac Fhirbhisigh in 1380.
scribal addition Scribal note
p. 164 = col. 858
» Short story about St. Colum Cille and Aidan son of Gabrán
p. 164a = col. 858line 23
[Proigept Grigoir Róma] » ‘Precepts of Gregory of Rome’
p. 165 = col. 860
» Life of Gregory
p. 166line 38 = col. 863line 38
col. 867–col. 869
[Suidiugad cathrach Ierusalem] » MS heading: ‘Suigigad Iarussalem
p. 169line 9 = col. 869line 9
» Homily on Michael the Archangel
p. 169 = col. 869b
» Poem, 15 quatrains, and description of the 17 wonders on the night of Christ's birth
scribal addition with memorandum by a later Mac Firbis.
p. 171 = col. 869cd–col. 875
[Aided Diarmata meic Cerbaill I] » ‘The death of Diarmait mac Cerbaill’, in prose and verse
p. 174line 28 = col. 875line 28–col. 876line 5
[Immirge na Ciarraige] » On the migration of the Ciarraige into Connacht.
p. 175line 6 = col. 876line 6
[Tochmarc Étaíne] » "The wooing of Étain"
p. 175line 28 = col. 877line 28
[Fotha catha Cnucha] » ‘The cause of the Battle of Cnucha’
p. 176line 47 = col. 878line 47
p. 177a–p. 179b = col. 880–col. 885
[Tochmarc Lúaine ocus Aided Athairne] » ‘The wooing of Luan and the death of Athirne’
p. 179bline 26–p. 180a = col. 885line 26
[Compert Conchobuir] » ‘The conception and birth of Conchobor’
p. 180line 48 = col. 886line 48–col. 889
[Geneamuin Chormaic ua Chuind] » ‘The birth of Cormac mac Airt’
p. 181line 26 = col. 889line 26
[Scél na Fír Flatha, Echtra Cormaic i Tír Tairngiri, ocus Ceart Claidib Cormaic] » Echtra Cormaic i Tír Tairngire (‘Cormac mac Airt's journey to the Land of Promise’)
p. 186line 10 = col. 898line 10–col. 906
[Aided Chrimthaind maic Fhidaig ocus Trí mac Echach Muigmedóin] » ‘The death of Crimthann son of Fidach and of Eochaid Muigmedóin's three sons’
p. 188line 41 = col. 902line 41
[Echtra mac nEchach Muigmedóin] » ‘The adventures of the sons of Eochaid Mugmedon’
p. 190line 9 = col. 906line 9
[Imtechta Moga Ruith] » ‘The adventures of Mog Ruith’
col. 907
» Note by the scribe Giolla Íosa Mór Mac Fhirbhisigh
scribal addition Scribal note
p. 191 = col. 908–col. 909
[Baile Fíndachta ríg Condacht] » Prose text and poem on the baile (prophecy, revelation) of Fínnachta, king of Connacht.
p. 191bline 12–p. 192b = col. 909line 12
[Aided Nath Í ocus a adnacol] » MS heading: ‘Suigidud Tellaig na Cruachna so.’ » Here entitled Suidigud Tellaig na Cruachna ("The settling of the manor of Cruachan")
p. 192line 4 = col. 910line 4
» Ascribed to: Torna Éces » Poem ascribed to Torna Éces (Éices), on pre-Christian kings of Ireland buried on Cruachán (Croghan); on burial places in Tailtiu (Teltown)
p. 192 = col. 911
[Compert Mongáin] » "The conception and birth of Mongán"
col. 912
[Scél asa mberar co mbad hé Find mac Cumaill Mongán ocus aní dia fíl aided Fothaid Airgdig] » "A story from which it is inferred that Mongán was Finn mac Cumaill, and the cause of the violent death of Fothad Airgdech". Cf: cols. 953-954.
p. 193line 42 = col. 913line 42
[Scél Mongáin] » "Stories of Mongán"
p. 194line 24 = col. 914line 24
[Tucait baili Mongáin] » ‘The occasion of Mongán's frenzy’
col. 914line 49
[Echtrae Chonnlai] » ‘The adventure of Connla’. Cf: cols. 399-400.
p. 195 = col. 916line 1–col. 916line 29
[Trí hollamain Chondacht] » Prose story about three Connacht poets, Mac Líacc (chief poet of Brian Boru), Mac Coise and Flann mac Lonáin, which serves to introduce the poem on Slíab Echtge.
p. 195line 30 = col. 916line 30
[Dinnshenchas of Slíab Echtge II] » Ascribed to: Flann mac Lónáin » Poem beg. Áibind, áibind, Echtge ard = Sliab nEchtga II, poem on the dinnshenchas of Slíab Echtge.
p. 195b = col. 917–col. 918
[Bó bithblicht meic Lonán] » Story about the poet Flann mac Lonáin, beginning ‘Feachtus dia tarla Fland Mac Lonan i n-aroili faistigh’. It introduces the next poem, attributed to Flann.
col. 918
[Fidbadach mac Feda Ruscaig] » Ascribed to: Flann mac Lonáin » Ends with a note in prose.
p. 196line 31 = col. 919line 31
[Coneigius dúib geisi ulchai] » Incipit: ‘Coneigius dúibhgesi ulchai’ » Anonymous poem
p. 197 = col. 920–col. 938
[Uraicecht becc] » Section on the seven grades of poets. A diplomatic edition is available in D. A. Binchy, Corpus iuris Hibernici, vol. 6 (1978): 2318-2335.
p. 205line 11 = col. 938line 11
[Aided Meic Con] » ‘The violent death of [Lugaid] Mac Con’
p. 206line 8 = col. 939line 8
[Cath Almaine] » ‘The battle of Allen’
p. 207line 8 = col. 942line 8
[Cath Belaig Dúin Bolc] » "The battle of Dún Bolc"
p. 209 = col. 945
[Cath Maige Rath] » "The Battle of Mag Rath". Cf. the longer version at col. 321-332.
p. 211aline 40–p. 212a = col. 949line 40–col. 951
[Noínden Ulad] » MS heading: ‘In ceas naighean Uladh’ » ‘The debility of the Ulstermen’, but here entitled In Ceas Naigen.
p. 212aline 8 = col. 951line 8
[Bruiden Átha Í] » MS heading: ‘Bruighean athas’ » An early story of the Finn Cycle
p. 212aline 34 = col. 951line 34–col. 952?
[Scéla Fiachna meic Báetáin] » ‘The story of Fiachna mac Báetáin’, also known as How Fiachna mac Baedáin obtained the Kingdom of Scotland
p. 212b = col. 952
[Tucait fagbála in fessa do Finn ocus marbad Cuil Duib] » ‘How Finn obtained knowledge, and the slaying of Cúl Dub’
p. 213line 38 = col. 953line 38
[Scél asa mberar co mbad hé Find mac Cumaill Mongán ocus aní dia fíl aided Fothaid Airgdig] » ‘A story from which it is inferred that Mongán was Finn mac Cumaill, and the cause of the violent death of Fothad Airgdech’ [at the hands of Caílte]. Cf: col. 912.
p. 214 = col. 955
[Aided óenfir Aífe] » "The violent death of Aífe's only son [=Connla]"
p. 214line 12–p. 215 = col. 957line 12–col. 958
[Cáin Domnaig] » ‘The Law of Sunday’, cf: col. 217.

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“Trinity College, Dublin”, Ó Macháin, Pádraig (director), Irish Script on Screen – Meamrám Páipéar Ríomhaire, Online: School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies. URL: <https://www.isos.dias.ie/master.html?https://www.isos.dias.ie/libraries/TCD/english/index.html>.
Binchy, D. A. [ed.], Corpus iuris Hibernici, 7 vols, vol. 6, Dublin: Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, 1978. 
comments: numbered pp. 1926–2343; diplomatic edition of legal material from:
  • Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1336 (continued)
  • Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1387
  • Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Rawlinson B 502
  • Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1308
  • London, British Library, MS Additional 4783
  • London, British Library, MS Nero A 7
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  • Dublin, National Library of Ireland, MS G 3
  • Dublin, National Library of Ireland, MS G 11
  • Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS C i 2
  • Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1318/16
  • Dublin, Trinity College, MS E 3. 3
2218–2335 Diplomatic edition of the legal material in cols 920-938

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