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Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1362a

  • Irish manuscripts
  • paper
Manuscript volume compiled in 1978 from parts that were found previously in TCD MSS 1337 (H 3. 18, pp. 686-693), 1362 (H 4. 21) and 1298 (H 2. 7).
Cat. no. 1362a
Provenance and related aspects
Hands, scribes
Codicological information
Distinct units

TCD MS 1337, pp 686-693 (old numbering): verses by Eoin Ó Gnímh, beg. Fogus fortuin do óige. It is a single leaf that has been folded twice and broken in one fold. It numbers eight pages (Abbott).

Dublin, Trinity College, …  TCD 1362
Dublin, Trinity College, …  TCD 1298


Secondary sources (select)

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comments: A companion to Binchy (D. A.) 1978a. Review article: McLeod, N., “A true companion to the Corpus iuris Hibernici”, Peritia 19 (2005).
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