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Psalter of St Caimín
  • Latin
  • Irish language
  • s. xiex-xiiin
  • Irish manuscripts
Fragmentary Irish manuscript containing verses from Psalm 118, the so-called Beati. It is not known if the original manuscript was a Psalter containing all or most of the psalms.
Collection: Franciscan
A 1
Psalter of St Caimín
Provenance and related aspects
Latin Secondary: Irish
s. xiex-xiiin
Late 11th / early 12th century
Origin, provenance
Provenance: Ireland
Inis Celtra
Inis Celtra ... Holy Island (Inish Cealtra)
County Clare
Later provenance: Ireland
Inis Celtra
Inis Celtra ... Holy Island (Inish Cealtra)
County Clare
ass. with Mac Bruaideadha familyMac Bruaideadha family
(fl. late 16th c./early 17th c.)
Mac Bruaidheadha family, Mac Bruideadha family, Mac Bruidheadha family, Clann Bhruaideadha
Irish Gaelic family of historians and poets based in Co. Clare.
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Flann mac Conchobhair Mac BruaideadhaMac Bruaideadha (Flann mac Conchobhair)
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Bernard mac Conchobhair Mac BruaideadhaMac Bruaideadha (Bernard mac Conchobhair)
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Later provenance: Ireland
Donegal, Franciscan ConventDonegal, Franciscan Convent

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Later provenance: BelgiumBelgium

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Louvain, St AnthonyLouvain, St Anthony

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Later provenance: ItalyItaly

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Rome, St Isidore's College
Rome, St Isidore's College
Rome and Brussels.
Later provenance: Dublin
Hands, scribes
Hands indexed:
Main hand (semi-uncial)

Anonymous. Esposito: “The text of the Psalm is written in long lines in a large and beautiful semi-uncial Irish hand, [note 12: Compared with the beautiful rotund hands of such early MSS. as the Books of Lindisfarne and Kells, the writing of our fragments appears degraded and betrays at once its late origin. The same thing is to be said of the ornamental initials] the ordinary letters being nearly a centimetre in height, and the capitals sometimes double that”.

Hand 2 (minuscule) According to Esposito, “the pointed Irish minuscules of the prefaces and marginal scholia [...] were evidently written at the same time as the text, and probably by the same hand”.
Annotator 1

The memorandum in the lower margin of f. 2r, printed and translated by Esposito and printed in the catalogue description, is in Mícheál Ó Cléirigh’s hand.

Mícheál Ó CléirighÓ Cléirigh (Mícheál)
(d. 1643)
O'Clery (Michael)
Irish scholar, historian and scribe.
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Annotator 2

A note has been added at the bottom of f. 1r, Ex libris Conventus de Dunnagall, which Esposito suggests is “possibly in [John] Colgan's handwriting”.

Irish glosses
Codicological information
Foliation / Pagination
6 folios, numbered as pages 1-12
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