Eachtra Sheóin Mandavil‘The adventure of John Mandeville’

Ó Mathghamhna (Fínghin)
  • Early Modern Irish
  • prose
  • Medieval Irish literary adaptations
An Irish translation / adaptation, probably of The buke of John Maundeville, which is itself a Middle English version of the Anglo-Norman text on the travels of Sir John Mandeville.
Eachtra Sheóin Mandavil
‘The adventure of John Mandeville’
This is the title suggested by Gerard Murphy, Fianaíocht agus rómánsaíocht: The Ossianic lore and romantic tales of medieval Ireland (1955): 68. It is edited by Whitley Stokes as The Gaelic Maundeville and commonly referred to as the Irish version of The buke of John Maundeville.
Fínghin Ó MathghamhnaÓ Mathghamhna (Fínghin)
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translated by Fínghin Ó Mathghamhna (d. 1496)
  • Early Modern Irish
prose (primary)
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Medieval Irish literary adaptations


John MandevilleJohn Mandeville
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