Echrad ingen Garainn

daughter of Garann glúnmhár (‘big-knee’) and wife of Codal, a soldier of Áed mac in Dagda, according to the dinnshenchas of Codal. The story tells how Áed forcibly took her from her husband.
See also: Garann glúnmhárGarann glúnmhár (‘big-knee’)
(time-frame ass. with Túatha Dé Danann)
Father of Echrad, wife of Codal, in the dinnshenchas of Codal.
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Túatha Dé DanannTúatha Dé (Danann)
Tuatha Dé Danann, Túatha Dé
A common Irish designation for a group of supernatural or magical figures in Irish history, broadly equivalent to the áes síde. In the pseudo-historical tradition represented by Lebor gabála Érenn and other texts, they are presented and arguably, to some extent euhemerised as the pre-Christian people that conquered Ireland from the Fir Bolg and were later overcome by the sons of Míl (the Gaels).
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