enclosing punctus (critical sign)
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Letter(s) represented: (marks out special graphs) (in the scribe's mind or in normalised spelling)
Build type: Combination
Notational device: » Baseline symbol » Critical sign
At the baseline: » Symbol(s):
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Not to be confused with: enclosing punctus (abbreviating device)
Homograph of: enclosing punctus (abbreviating device)
Comments: The use of two enclosing punctus (plural of punctus) is often a general abbreviating device, for which see ‘enclosing punctus (abbreviating device)’. A related yet arguably separate function is that of marking out special symbols, such as Roman or Arabic numerals, or common brevigraphs such as those for immurgu and ni handsa. The main difference lies in its function as a critical sign, rather than as a placeholder for omitted letters. For instance, the Arabic numeral for 5 (below), which is to be ‘expanded’ in Irish as cúig, is only signalled by two punctus on either side.
Represents: » (marks out special graphs)
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Examples in context: Examples in other contexts, if available
> 5cuig-23E29p158a.png 5 with punctus (numeral)
Represents: » 5, cúig, v (Irish) » 5, quinque, v (Latin) 
> 5ii-23O48f1vb9.png 5ii (example)
Represents: » 7, vii, secht (Irish) » vii (Latin) 
> 1437-RIA 23O48af29ra.png 1437 (example)
Represents: » 1437 (Irish) 
> Didiu-3.png didiu (suspension stroke and dots)
Represents: » didiu (Irish) 
> Hoc1-23O48af26r.png hoc (h with superscript o enclosed)
Represents: » hoc (Latin) 
> 23O48af18v-immurgu-punctus.png immurgu (.im.)
Represents: » immurgu, immorro (Irish) 
> Ingen-RawlB506f11vb.png ingen (.i.)
Represents: » ingen, ingin, inghean
> Ni-handsa-LUp7.png Ni-handsa2-LUp120a.png ni handsa (stroke)
Represents: » ni handsa, ni hannsa, ni annsa, ní handsa (etc.) (Irish) 
> Ol-sé-Leiden-VLQ-7.png ol sé
Represents: » ol sé (Irish) 
> 7mad-RIADv2a-f(13A)r.png sechtmad (example)
Represents: » 7mad, sechtmad (Irish) 
> Vii-23O48f18vb.png vii (example of Roman numeral)
Represents: » vii, secht, 7 (Irish) » vii (Latin) 
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