err (two inverted tildes)
Image: 1.  Err-1.png 2. Err-2.png
» 1. [File] Dublin, Royal Irish Academy, MS B ii 1 (1216) [s. xiv-xv ?], p. 14
» 2. [File]

Letter(s) represented: □err / □earr (in the scribe's mind or in normalised spelling)
Build type: Combination
Notational device: » Superscript symbol
Position: Superscript
Type of symbol: Symbol
In superscript: » Symbol(s):
> Er-1.png er (vertical tilde or 'flame')
 » U+033E
Represents: » □er, □ear, □r (Irish) 


> Er-1.png er (vertical tilde or 'flame')
 » U+033E
Represents: » □er, □ear, □r (Irish) 
Represents: » □err / □earr
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Examples in context: Examples in other contexts, if available
> Gerr-1.png Gerr-2.png gearr (vertical tildes)
Represents: » gearr, gerr » Notational device: Superscript symbol
Entries related in meaning: Possible equivalents matching one of the values in the transcription above, if available

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