Fiarfaidhi San Anselmuis

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Irish version of the Dialogus de passione Christi... (wrongly) attributed to St Anselm, who is presented as conversing with the Virgin Mary on the passion of Christ. The translation and adaptation are believed to have been undertaken by Seán O Conchubhair.
Fiarfaidhi San Anselmuis
Fiarfaidhi San Anselmuis, with Sansalmus restored to San Anselmuis, is the title favoured by Skerrett in his edition of the text.
Ascribed to: Seán Ua Conchubhair [translator]Ua Conchubhair (Seán) ... translator / Ó Conchubhair (Seán) ... translator (d. 1391?) – Seán Ua/Ó Conchubhair, Irish scholar, or possibly scholars of the same name, credited with the translation into Irish of the Dialogus de passione Christi attributed to St Anselm and the Liber de passione Christi attributed to Bernard of Clairvaux. AFM s.a. 1391 records the killing of one Seaan mac Mathgamhna Uí Choncobhair. Their names may but need not refer to the same person.
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 The Passion
Anselm of CanterburyAnselm of Canterbury
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JesusChrist / Jesus Christ (fl. c.5 BC–30/33 AD) – Galileian Jewish religious leader whom Christians believe to be the incarnation of God on earth, the Saviour of mankind and Messiah (the Christ) through His death and resurrection.
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Mary [mother of Jesus]Mary ... mother of Jesus / Virgin Mary (s. i BC / s. i) – No short description available
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[ed.] Skerrett, R. A. Q., “Fiarfaidhi San Anselmuis”, Celtica 7 (1966): 163–187.
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Flower, Robin [ed.], Catalogue of Irish manuscripts in the [British Library, formerly the] British Museum, vol. 2, London: British Museum, 1926.
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