Flahive, J. J., The Fenian Cycle in Irish and Scots-Gaelic literature (2017)

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Flahive (Joseph J.) 2016a

Flahive, Joseph J., The Fenian Cycle in Irish and Scots-Gaelic literature, Cork Studies in Celtic Literatures 1, Cork: Cork University Press, 2017.

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Work The Fenian Cycle in Irish and Scots-Gaelic literature
Place Cork
Publisher Cork University Press
Year 2017
Series Cork Studies in Celtic Literatures 1
ISBN ISBN 9780995546905


Abstract (cited) This work is intended as a handbook to the traditional Fenian literature of Ireland and Scotland from the earliest times to the modern period. As a synthesis for the use of student and layman alike, it follows in the footsteps of previous works, particularly those by Gerard Murphy, Alfred Nutt, and Kuno Meyer.

The present volume differs chiefly from earlier introductions with regard to footnotes: an attempt has been made to name all the major Fenian narratives and collections, to cite all the cycle's constituent texts and collections, and to quote and reference the modern scholarship on these sources as a bibliographical guide.

Flahive (Joseph J.) 2016a

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Finn Cycle

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