Foscél ar Brénainn

    • Middle Irish
    • Irish hagiography, minor Irish prose tales
    A Middle Irish short story about a dialogue between Brénainn of Clonfert with one of his successors, Moínenn, bishop of Clonfert, on the subject of death and the afterlife.
    • Middle Irish
    • Middle Irish?


    Irish hagiography
     minor Irish prose tales (foscéla)

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    Brénainn of ClonfertBrénainn of Clonfert / Brénainn mac Findloga (d. 577) – Brénainn (Brenden; Brendan) mac Findloga, early Connacht saint, patron of Clonfert, and legendary voyager
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    Móenu of ClonfertMóenu of ClonfertNo short description available
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