verse beg. Góedel Glas ó tát Goídil

Gilla Cóemáin
  • Middle Irish
  • verse
  • Early Irish poetry, Irish legendary history
Initial words (verse)
  • Góedel Glas ó tát Goídil
“Góedel Glas from whom are descended the Goídil”
Gilla CóemáinGilla Cóemáin (fl. 1072) – Middle Irish poet
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Ascribed to: Gilla CóemáinGilla Cóemáin (fl. 1072) – Middle Irish poet
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Gilla Cóemáin (fl. 1072)
  • Middle Irish
verse (primary)


Early Irish poetry Irish legendary history


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Internet Archive: <link>
90–107 (Poem XIII) direct link
[ed.] [tr.] Lehmacher, Gustav [ed. and tr.], “Goedel Glass”, Zeitschrift für celtische Philologie 13 (1921): 151–163.
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Secondary sources (select)

Smith, Peter J., Three historical poems ascribed to Gilla Cóemáin: a critical edition of the work of an eleventh-century Irish scholar, Studien und Texte zur Keltologie 8, Münster: Nodus Publikationen, 2007.
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