Foran, S., et al., The Galloglass Project (2013–present) – online

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Foran, Susan [researcher], and Seán Duffy [dir.], The Galloglass Project, Online: University College Cork, 2013–present.

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Work The Galloglass Project
Place Online
Publisher University College Cork
Year 2013–2018
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Abstract (cited) The Galloglass Project establishes a provisional database record of galloglass individuals and kindreds in Ireland from the time of their first recruitment in their Hebridean and West Highland homelands in the thirteenth century to the dawn of the modern age.

The location of the galloglass at the intersection of Scottish and Irish politics, warfare and culture in the late Middle Ages is frequently alluded to and has long been recognized.

This Project has been supported as part of a cluster of research projects funded by the Higher Education Authority under the Programme for Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI). The database is accessible online to interested researchers.

Galloglass Project website

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