i (subscript)
Image: 1.  I-subscript-1.png 2. I-subscript-2.png 3. A12p37-i-sub.png
» 1. [File] Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Laud Misc. 610 [s. xv], f. 3r
» 2. [File] Dublin, Trinity College, MS 1339 (H 2. 18, 1339) = Book of Leinster [s. xii2], p. 113b
» 3. [File] Dublin, University College, MS Franciscan A 12 (Killiney) [s. xvi (?)], p. 37

Represents in Irish: i (in the scribe's mind or in normalised spelling)
Represents in Latin: i (in the scribe's mind or in normalised spelling)
Build type: Component
Position: Subscript
Type of symbol: Alphabetic letter
Letter case: minuscule
Has allograph(s):
> G1303p17-i-sub.png i (subscript curled)
Represents: » □i (Irish)  » Notational device: Allograph » Allograph of:  i (subscript)

Comments: A subscript i usually appears as an i descending below the baseline (image 1 and 2). In some manuscripts, however, it is truly subscript in that it is placed below (rather than to the right of) another character, as demonstrated in the third image.
Represents: » In Irish: i
» In Latin: i
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Examples in context: Examples in other contexts, if available
> Di-RawlB512-f32vb.png Di-RawlB512-f33rb.png di (ligature)
Represents: » di (Irish) » di, ti, dio, tio (Latin)  » Notational device: Ligature
> Ei-RawlB502-f72vb.png G1303p17-ei1.png G1303p17-ei2.png ei (digraph)
Represents: » ei (Irish) » ei (Latin)  » Notational device: Digraph
> A12p37-hi.png Hi-RawlB512-f33ra.png hi (subscript i)
Represents: » hi (Irish)  » Notational device: Subscript letter
> Irsub-23E29p159b.png ir (cross stroke)
Represents: » ir » Notational device: Subscript letter, Subscript symbol
> Muire-RIA3B23p33.png muire (example)
Represents: » muire, Muire (Irish) 
> Ni-RawlB512-f33rb.png ni (digraph)
Represents: » ni (Irish) » ni (Latin)  » Notational device: Digraph
> Si2.png si (digraph)
Represents: » si (Irish) » si (Latin)  » Notational device: Digraph
> Ti-.png Digraph for ti
Represents: » ti » Notational device: Digraph
> Ui2.png ui (digraph vi)
Represents: » ui (Irish) » ui (Latin)  » Notational device: Digraph
> Ui3.png ui (i with superscript u)
Represents: » ui (Irish)  » Notational device: Superscript symbol, Digraph
Entries related in meaning: Possible equivalents matching one of the values in the transcription above, if available
> I2a.png I2b.png i (regular letter)
Represents: » i (Irish) » i (Latin) 

> I-with-acute-23E29p83.png i with acute diacritic (disambiguation)
Represents: » i (Irish) » i (Latin)  » Notational device: Superscript symbol

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