Jones, Bob Morris


Jones, Bob Morris, “The core and the periphery: the syntax of the Welsh ‘genitive of respect’”, Journal of Celtic Linguistics 12 (November, 2008): 39–86.

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“The core and the periphery: the syntax of the Welsh ‘genitive of respect’”
Journal of Celtic Linguistics 12 (2008)
Journal of Celtic Linguistics 12 (2008), University of Wales Press.  
Includes reviews (pp. 139-160).
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This study examines a distinctive construction in Welsh which provides interesting data for discussing the role of the core and the periphery (Chomsky 1981). Most work on syntax focuses on the core but Culicover (1999) and Culicover and Jackendoff (1999) have promoted interest in the periphery, drawing attention to both its size and its importance. For the purposes of this study, an X-bar approach will be adopted for the formalization of core rules. Data which cannot be accounted for within these rules will be regarded as non-canonical. The Welsh construction which is examined in this study raises problems of phrase structure analysis. There are distributional reasons for considering it to be an AP, but it does not have the canonical internal syntax of an AP. The possibility therefore arises that we must establish non-canonical rules to account for this construction. We shall conclude that we have a non-canonical clause which has the distribution of an AP.

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